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Real Estate Banners

  • High-grade banner printing
  • Weatherproof materials
  • Easy-to-use online design tool
  • Free design templates
  • 1-day printing turnaround option
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Real Estate Banners By Use

Custom Banners

Real Estate Banners to Promote Properties

Advertise properties and generate leads for your real estate business with custom banners. Large signage is one of the most essential promotional tools for realtors. With banner printing, you can reach out to potential buyers and residents in your area.

Whether you need to market new business developments, an open house, or properties for rent, real estate banners can help you get the message out, boost recognition, and grow your business.

When you print banners at, you get full customization and an easy online printing experience. We have a wide selection of banner sizes, materials, and printing options so you can design and create the right kind of promotions for your needs.

Choose from weather-resistant vinyl banners, windproof mesh banners, and eye-catching pole banners. We can also include additional grommets and pole pockets for easy setups and installations.

In a rush? We offer a variety of printing turnaround options you can choose from, depending on your deadlines. If you need your banners fast, order today and we can have them ready for shipping in just one (1) business day.

Types of Real Estate Banners

Our wide selection of banner types ensures you’ll find the most suitable kind for your requirements. We have three (3) kinds of popular real estate banners that go perfectly with most indoor and outdoor applications.

For Lease Signs can help you draw attention to vacant properties and units. Custom signs can effectively target potential tenants that are already around the area. This can give you more options to choose the best residents for your property.

Open House Signs are still the go-to promotional tool for real estate companies. Any realtor needs something eye-catching they can easily install at the front of their property. Yard signs are perfect because you can easily install them on the ground with H-stakes.

For Rent Signs come in a wide variety of sizes and materials to suit your message and application. Whether it’s an apartment for rent or an open house, custom rent signs stand out and inform potential renters about your offer. ?It’s easy to choose a sign, customize it according to your requirements, and upload your design for printing.

Ready to order banners for your real estate business? Upload your design today on the website and our resident print geeks can proof it, free of charge. We also offer free design templates you can quickly customize using our online design tool.

How to Use Our Online Design Tool to Create Your Banners

Browse professionally designed banner design templates and choose which one you’d like to use. You can filter designs by size, industry, and style.

Step 1. Select your banner template and click Customize.

Step 2. Start customizing your banner online. Type the text on the banner template and upload your photos, logo, or graphics.

Note: You can find the tools that you need for designing your banner on the upper toolbar. Use them to crop your image, insert shapes and photos, add a background color, and more.

If you want to use images that look more professional, you may access our image library without exiting the design tool. Here, you can purchase licensed stock images that you can use to perfect your banner.

Step 3. Click Preview, Save, and Proceed to Order once you’re done with the design.

Visit our design templates page now to check out our wide selection of ready-to-print banner design templates!

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Free Design Templates

Our print geeks have put together these free, ready-to-print templates you can use for your business. Explore hundreds of "starter" template designs and then make them completely your own by customizing fonts, color palettes, and images (including your logo) using Create48. Once you're done, just save your design, transfer it to your order cart, and proceed with the rest of the checkout process.

See All Banner Design Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most popular banner sizes?

Choosing the right banner size depends on the available space and how big the location is. For example, if you’re advertising outdoors, the bigger the banner size, the easier it is to see and read from afar. Our most common banner size is 3 ft. x 6 ft. (width x height). This is a good, dependable size that combines portability and visibility. 4 ft. x 6 ft. banners are also popular for events such as trade shows and fairs.

Do you offer custom sizes for banners?

Yes. If the banner size you need is not listed in the product options, just select Custom Size and indicate your preferred dimensions.

I don’t have a design yet. Do you offer print templates?

Yes. If you want to create a banner design using your preferred editing application, we offer free blank print templates that contain predefined guidelines to help you layout your file. Just go to the Templates tab on your banner product page and select your preferred banner size and file format by downloading the ZIP file.

How do I get my design proofed for free?

Select your preferred banner specs on the product page order calculator. After, click Upload Your Artwork and select I Want a PDF Proof under the proofing options. Follow the rest of the checkout process and confirm your order. A member from our prepress team will email you with a PDF proof for your approval. We will only begin printing your banners once you have inspected and approved the PDF proof.

How soon will my custom banners arrive?

You can check the estimated date of arrival on the order calculator. Select your preferred banner specs and printing turnaround on the order calculator, then input your 5-digit ZIP code. The order calculator automatically provides shipping options, dates, and corresponding costs you can choose from.

Need more help with your signs and banners?

Here are some tips and suggestions on how you can choose and create effective signs and banners:

Are there any regulations or permits required for installing real estate banners?

Yes. Most areas require permits before installing a real estate banner. Depending on your location, you will also need to follow specific rules and regulations on the type and size of the banner you’ll install and for how long you’ll install the banner.

In the case of real estate banners, you’ll need to request permission from the property owners before installing a banner and put the correct information about the property you are selling.

What legal considerations should I be aware of when putting up real estate banners?

Most legal compliances you need to note when putting up real estate banners involve the size, design, set-up location, and installation duration.

Most zoning laws are made to ensure that the banners do not block public passages and restrict people from their daily activities. Specific locations can only accommodate limited banner spaces, so choosing the proper size becomes essential. There are also legal considerations regarding your banner's message. If your banner promotes real estate property, all the information must be accurate and up to date.

You'll also need to note permits when installing your banner in public places. Secure the permits from property owners and local government units, which should include the duration of your banner and the location where it will be installed.

Are there specific rules about what can or cannot be advertised on real estate banners?

Yes, there are specific rules and guidelines about what can or cannot be advertised on real estate banners. These rules are designed to ensure that the promotion and details presented are accurate. Some of the tips to help your banner pass these regulations include:
  • Noting the correct dates and addresses of the real property.
  • Putting your company logo and contact information.
  • Wording your message correctly so that it can't be misinterpreted.
  • Using the most recent image of the real property when using it as a décor.

How can I make my real estate banner stand out from the competition?

To make your real estate banner stand out, you must be strategic with its design and placement. Always highlight your unique selling points to as many people as possible and display unique designs to attract them to your business. Write bold and readable text to emphasize your message and use high-quality images that show the strengths of the real property you are selling.

Also, place your banners in areas with many people and follow the proper regulations to display them longer and more frequently.

How durable are real estate banners in different weather conditions?

Most, if not all, real estate banners are designed to be weather-resistant, especially if they are to be displayed outdoors. Many banner services use durable materials and the latest technologies to print heavy-duty banners suitable for most weather conditions.

You can choose durable vinyl banners to display your real estate services outdoors, and they can withstand heat and rain. If you want to put up a banner in windy cities, you can go for perforated mesh banners that allow air to pass through it while maintaining its creative design.

Can I use QR codes on my real estate banners?

Yes! Putting a QR code on your banner is an excellent way to cover offline and online real estate promotions. You can place a QR code of your website on your banner that people can visit or include it as part of your contact information, allowing potential clients to email you for inquiries or transactions. However, limit it to just one code per banner so customers won't be confused. Also, remember to test the code before displaying the banners.

What are the common mistakes to avoid when creating real estate banners?

If you are creating your real estate banner design, you must always be clear with your message, accurate with your information, and creative with your design. Some of the common mistakes to avoid include:
  • Cluttered design: Stick to a simple image and slogan when designing your banner.
  • Illegible texts: Always make sure your texts are readable. Use the proper fonts, sizes, and colors to make your details and information visible.
  • Bad images: If you want to highlight your selling property, always use high-quality images and proper display angles.
  • No Call to Action: Always encourage your customers to reach out if they have questions. Implore them to come to your business, especially if they are interested.

What are the best practices for including contact information on a real estate banner?

One requirement for an effective marketing banner is to include your contact information so potential clients can reach out with inquiries. The best way to do this is always to note your phone number on the banner and make sure that it's visible and readable. You can also include other information on the banner, such as your email, physical address, and the property address you are selling.

A good strategy is to put a QR code on your banner that passersby can scan so they can easily access your webpage and contact you online.

How do I clean and maintain my real estate banners?

There are many ways to clean and maintain your real estate banner, depending on the type of banner you use. These methods usually involve removing stains, repairing damages, and avoiding abrasive and solid materials and chemicals that could affect your banner.

If you're printing your real estate banner on vinyl, the best way to clean it is to wipe off dirt and stains with cold water and a soft sponge.

If you are using fabric banners, you can machine wash them in cold water with light detergent under the lowest settings.

What are the best practices for storing real estate banners when not in use?

Once you're done using your real estate banners, you can keep them inside safe storage for future uses. Now, if you want to reuse your banners, here are some methods you can do to store your banners properly:

  • Roll, not fold: Do not fold your banners, especially the vinyl ones, since these could permanently wrinkle or damage them. Instead, roll them into scrolls and secure them with rubber bands.

  • Avoid overexposure to sunlight: Always keep your banners inside a cool but dry place. Refrain from exposing them to direct sunlight for too long to avoid fading.

  • Get protective casings and bags: Some banners come with protective carrying cases that safely store them when not in use. Remember to use these, especially when traveling. You can also improvise and use architecture scroll cases to store your banners.