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Packaging Tape

  • Durable and tamper resistant
  • Secures packages up to 30 lbs
  • Easy to apply with water

Up Your Shipping Game With Custom Packaging Tape

Durable boxes are enough to keep products safe during transit, right? Think again! Any business that regularly ships packages should use water-activated tape (WAT).

Our custom packaging tape is made with water-based chemical adhesive that is reactivated by water. Also known as gummed paper tape, it permanently sticks to carton and stays resistant to dirt, dust, oil, and extreme temperature changes. It is not removable without visible damage to the tape, making your packages tamper resistant. Show customers your reliability as a brand with secure shipping boxes.

At you can print packaging tapes in any design to suit your brand. Just upload your logo or artwork, choose the repeat length and orientation, and we’ll send you a PDF proof for your approval.

What in the World is WAT?

Don’t underestimate the important of packaging tape for your products. Here are more benefits of using water-activated tape (WAT):

  • Easy application. For high-volume applications, our tapes come in rolls that fit most tape machines and dispensers. For manual applications, just rub a wet sponge on the non-printed side to activate the adhesive and apply.

  • Tough and cheap. We use white reinforced paper with fiberglass. Once applied, the wet tape adheres strongly to the box surface, creating a permanent seal. You only need one strip of packaging tape to get the job done, so it’s more cost-effective than applying layers of regular tape for bulky shipping boxes.

  • Eco-friendly. WAT is made of kraft paper, so it’s biodegradable like our corrugated boxes. Our packaging tape breaks down easily in the recycling process.

Order today and get your custom packaging tape ready for delivery in six (6) business days.

Packaging Tape Layout Templates

Select a size to download a ZIP file packaging tape layout templates: