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Plastic Business Cards

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  • Impress prospects and valued clients
  • Clear, frosted or white plastic material
  • Made from durable PVC plastic cards
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Break the Monotony With Plastic Business Cards

Tired of the endless exchange of dull and flimsy white paper business cards? End the monotonous cycle with custom printed plastic business card. Waterproof and durable is great as membership cards or discount cards.

Capture the hearts and businesses of prospects and loyal customers. Its unique look and sturdy feel that screams quality, reliability, and strength. These are perfect for engineers, architects, plumbers, and other small businesses that want something longer-lasting business card to represent them.

The Perks of Going Plastic

So why switch to plastic? There are many things that make plastic business card printing a winner.


Business cards:

  • are durable and water-resistant so you don’t have to worry about it getting wet.
  • appears slightly thinner than a credit card but carries the same waterproof and tear-proof qualities

    Material Thickness

  • have three rigid vinyl plastic color options – Clear, Frosted, and White - to suit your specific needs.
  • come with rounded corners so there are no sharp edges that can cause snagging or injuries.
  • are offered in 6 popular sizes: 1.5 x 3.5, 1.75 x 3.5, 2 x 3.5, 2.125 x 3.375, 2 x 3.5 (Oval), and 2.5 x 2.5 (Square).
  • are flexible (literally). Plastic bends so it won’t break or get crumpled easily.
  • are flexible (figuratively). You can go fun and quirky or luxe and modern with your design.

A Whiter Shade of Plastic

It’s important to know what colors plastic business cards come in. This will help you in creating an effective design:

20 pt. Clear Plastic

20 pt. Clear Plastic

  • Your card will be completely transparent on both sides. This means the white areas of your design will appear transparent.
    • Slightly thinner than a credit card
    • Smooth, shiny feel
    • Made of flexible, waterproof, and tear-resistant plastic
    • Clear, transparent appearance allows for single-sided printing only
    • Writable with only permanent markers
  • This clean finish highlights important information in your card such as the company logo and information.
  • A thin film protects the surface of transparent plastic business cards against scratches. Don't forget to remove the film from each card before handing out.
20 pt. Clear Plastic

20 pt. Frosted Plastic

  • The white areas of your design will appear frosted.
    • Slightly thinner than a credit card
    • Smooth, matte texture
    • Made of flexible, waterproof, and tear-resistant plastic
    • Sheer, semi-transparent appearance allows for single-sided printing only
    • Writable with only permanent markers
  • Colors and graphics pop and contrast well against the translucent background.
20 pt. White Plastic

20 pt. White Plastic

  • Your business card will be an opaque white.
    • Slightly thinner than a credit card
    • Smooth, shiny feel
    • Made of flexible, waterproof, and tear-resistant plastic
    • White, solid background allows for double-sided printing
    • Writable with only permanent markers
  • Maximize the space by printing on both sides of the card. Use vivid or dark colors to contrast with the white background or emphasize important details of your plastic business card.

Note: When you print plastic business cards, keep in mind that the minimum font size for clear and frosted background is 8 pt. and above, while the line size must be at least 1.5 pts. thick.

Make the Most of Your Plastic

It’s not enough to have a solid and durable material for your business card. What you put in it can help your plastic business card printing go a long way. To maximize the card’s use and the opportunity, you need to:

  • Know your worth. Make sure your business card design matches the value of your plastic card and represents your company. It doesn’t have to be too complicated or very detailed, but it does need to be clean, professional and straight to the point.
  • Put all the important stuff in. If you’re a business or selling a service, you need to put your company name, logo, and colors to emphasize your brand. Don’t forget the essentials like your contact information and your nature of business too.
  • Go easy on the eyes. Pick fonts that will be easy to read and comprehend especially on a clear or frosted background. The same goes for your color choices.
  • Make sure everything is crystal clear. Triple check everything for typos, grammar, font type, font size and layout. Is it legible? Will it be easily understood?
  • Go with a pro. Have a professional design your card. You won’t have to worry about a thing, and you are sure to get top notch design every time.

Help yourself to our online design tool to guide you. You can also download our business card templates. We have layout templates to help make your printing life easier.


Can I use the color white in my plastic business card design?

Yes, but keep in mind that all white elements of your design will show as either white, clear, or frosted, depending on the plastic material you chose. To make your design pop, choose full color printing and add darker or bold colors to contrast with the background.

Is printing turnaround different from shipping time?

“Printing turnaround” is the number of days we need to print your job and excludes weekends and holidays. This starts as soon as you upload your print-ready artwork to a paid order.

You can select your delivery time from the online calculator. Just click on “Estimate Delivery Date & Shipping Cost” under the “Upload Your Artwork” button to see the available transit time based on your zip code.

Is variable printing, sequential numbering, or magnetic strips available for plastic business cards?

Unfortunately, these are not available options for plastic business cards. But our plastic business cards are perfect as high-end promotional tools like discount cards or loyalty cards for your customers.

Plastic Business Card File Templates

Click on the size below to download a zip file that contains templates for the plastic business card size you prefer. Includes horizontal and vertical orientation.