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Custom Metallic Labels

  • Eye-catching shimmer
  • Works with any color
  • Durable, self-adhesive paper
70 lb. Sticker
High Gloss UV
Full Color Front, Blank Back
Foil on Front
6 Business Days
Coupon code LOVEMYMLABEL is applied.
Promo Price $114.63

Stop Customers in Their Tracks With Custom Metallic Labels

Capture your customers’ attention in an instant with custom printed metallic labels. These attention-grabbing stickers add visual impact to your offerings.

Metallic foil labels use the Akuafoil technology to produce gleaming colors in various gradients and semitones. This makes for an attractive design that increases the perceived value of your product or service.

Whether you’re selling a product or promoting an event or service, the lustrous appeal of these custom labels will surely outshine your competition.

Sizing Up Your Label Requirements

Cut-to-size silver foil labels make spreading the word about your business a lot easier. These individually cut stickers are printed on self-adhesive crack-and-peel paper, which makes for easy application on a variety of surfaces. You can easily hand them out at events and insert in giveaways or stick them on your product packaging. Whatever your business may be, custom labels will help make your brand stand out. Available in 17 sizes, cut-to-size metallic labels are stacked and then boxed for shipping.

Each label is printed on a 70 lb. sticker paper, a type of adhesive material typically used for stickers that are applied indoors. Metallic labels come with a high-gloss UV finish. This is the most reflective of all our coatings and makes the colors on your label appear more vibrant. Though durable and made of high-quality materials, 70 lb. sticker paper is not waterproof.

Metallic Labels File Templates

48HourPrint’s templates give you an overview of how your design will look. We’ve outlined a few steps to set up your product for metallic printing below:

1. Identify the areas in your design that you want to apply metallic print on.

2. Create 2 layers of your design.

3. The first layer is the artwork in CMYK color mode.

4. The second layer reveals all the metallic print areas. All identified areas should be colored 100% K while the rest should be colored white.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: For further assistance, visit 48HourPrint’s Help Center.

Metallic Label Printting FAQs

Q: Does metallic printing work on dark colors?
A: Metallic printing works on dark hues, but the metallic color may not be as visible and striking as it is on lighter colors.

Q: What’s the best font size to use?
A: Metallic prints show up best on text with a minimum font size of 12 pts. Make sure to use sans serif fonts for best results.

Q: How is metallic printing different from foil stamping?
A: With foil stamping, you are limited to a few options for only one solid color. With metallic printing, you can create various color gradients and semitones that add to the appeal of your product or service.

Q: Can I use multiple metallic colors on my artwork?
A: Yes, metallic printing allows you to use multiple colors on the same design. That will give your artwork more depth.

Q: Is the 70 lb. sticker paper suitable for product labels?
A: The 70 lb. sticker paper is great for a variety of applications including product labels. However, it is not waterproof, so it is best for products meant for indoor use and not exposed to water or moisture.

Metallic Label File Templates

Choose from a size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation. These make designing custom metallic labels a breeze.