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Roll Labels

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  • Sticks to any smooth surface
  • Durable, high-quality material
  • Available in custom shapes and sizes
  • Full-color printing
Full Color
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Make Your Products Rock with Roll Labels

Roll label printing is one of the most essential printing tools for almost any kind of business. Elevate your packaging, inform customers, and organize your workspace with the help of roll labels. Best of all, you get the ease of application, convenience, and more savings all rolled into one.

With’s discounts, several label customization options, and quick turnarounds, you get quality labels on a roll printed and ready for shipping in just 2 business days.

Save up to 30% on custom roll labels! Confirm by 8:00 p.m. ET and your order is guaranteed to ship in 48 hours – or it’s free. If you have any questions, our print geeks are available at 800-844-0599, from Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. PT.

Get More for Less

Roll labels are printed on adhesive paper using a dedicated printer that wraps it around a cardboard spool that fits most label dispensers. Here are some of the benefits of roll label printing.

More savings. Roll labels are cost-efficient, ideal for businesses that need to order in bulk. Roll label orders start from 250 pieces. This type of printing saves on material wastes, allowing us to offer competitive prices for higher quantity orders.

More productivity. You don’t just save money with roll labels. These labels are faster to produce and ready to apply using a dispenser, helping you save time. Employees can cut down the hours spent on manually applying labels and focus on other important tasks. Even when applying labels by hand, the type of backing for roll labels makes it easier to peel them off.

More options. Unlike cut-to-size and sheet labels, we have more materials available for roll labels. Choose from textured Estate adhesive paper, water-resistant polypropylene, or premium sticker paper.

Quality That Sticks

It’s important to select the best roll label material for your specific needs. Here are the different types of label stocks we offer to help you choose:


White Premium Sticker Paper
This pressure-sensitive adhesive paper stock is our most popular label material. Add a gloss or matte lamination to make it more resistant to water and oil. This label material can be used for water bottles.
  • Smooth, semi-gloss finish
  • Great for general indoor label applications
  • Not ideal for writing on


White BOPP Label
This gloss-laminated, self-adhesive label stock is made of white polypropylene. Use this to mark items that may be exposed to water, oil, moisture, or stored in a refrigerator.
  • Features a subtle, pearly-white finish
  • Tear-proof, waterproof, and oil-resistant
  • Not ideal for writing on

White BOPP Removable
This material has all the benefits and characteristics of White BOPP Label but has the added advantage of being removable. The label can be peeled away easily without damaging the surface or leaving unsightly residue.
  • Has a glossy white finish
  • Resistant to tearing and moisture
  • Adhesive leaves no residue

Clear BOPP Label
For a transparent “no label” look, this clear polypropylene label stock is the best option for you. To get a solid opaque look, white ink is applied underneath the areas that have a printed design or white text. Best for products exposed to water, oil, moisture, and cold temperatures.
  • Gloss-laminated, self-adhesive stock
  • Waterproof, tearproof, and oil-resistant
  • Not ideal for writing on

Rainbow Holographic BOPP Label
Give your labels a playful touch and a ton of color with rainbow holographic polypropylene material. This gives your labels a one-of-a-kind look that’s unmistakable even from afar.
  • Self-adhesive with a holographic finish
  • Non-toxic and waterproof
  • Not advisable for writing on

Silver Metallic BOPP Label
Make labels pop with the high shine of silver polypropylene material. You can give any color a metallic sheen for a unique label design. Ideal for labeling products that will be exposed to oil, water, moisture, or refrigerator temperatures.
  • Gloss or matte protective lamination available
  • Self-adhesive with metallic finish
  • Not advisable to write on


White Vellum Texture – Estate #8
This warm white, textured label stock is the popular choice for wine bottle and product labels, and for handwritten mailing labels. The uncoated finish has a tactile paper feel. Add a matte UV coating to the label face to make it scratch and moisture-resistant.
  • Durable self-adhesive that sticks to most surfaces
  • Uncoated finish suitable for writing on

White Laid Texture – Estate #4
This white uncoated adhesive paper features a subtle linear texture. It is popular for labeling wine bottles, and as handwritten mailing labels. To make the label face scratch and moisture resistant, add the optional matte UV coating.
  • Permanent self-adhesive clings to most surfaces
  • Writable surface, if uncoated

Cream Laid Texture – Estate #9
This uncoated adhesive paper comes in an elegant cream color, making it the crowd favorite for wine bottle and product labels. The uncoated finish is also suitable for handwritten mailing labels. A matte UV coating option makes your label face moisture and scratch resistant.
  • Self-adhesive sticks permanently to most surfaces
  • Uncoated finish suitable for writing on

To make your custom printed roll labels stick longer, only apply onto clean, dry surfaces at room temperature.

Sizes That Shape the Future

Create interest for your brand with standout roll label printing. Check out the different custom sizes and shapes we offer:

In addition to our popular 0.5” x 1” roll labels, we carry a variety of sizes ranging from 0.5” x 1.5” to 6” x 6.5”.

Our printed roll labels come in a variety of exciting shapes—rectangle, square, oval, circle, arch, hexagon, heart, starburst, and lollipop. The rectangle and square shapes feature rounded corners, which help prevent the edges from lifting. Unleash your creativity with die-cut label printing. This feature lets you create any design and trim the label according to its exact shape.

Ready to order? Just upload your design on the website to get started. If you don’t have a layout yet, you can make your own in minutes using Create48, our online design tool.

Any Shape You Can Imagine

Can’t find the size or shape you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Our customization options help you create the labels that suit your brand the best. You can create a custom shape by choosing ‘Custom’ from the shape dropdown and place the exact dimensions you need. Print as few as 100 labels or as many as 100,000 in a single order and have them ready in as soon as 48 hours.

Print roll labels with today.

Roll Labels Q&A

How soon can I get my order of roll labels?

It all depends on the printing turnaround time you select in our online calculator. Just remember that the printing time refers to the number of days to produce your order and does not include holidays and weekends. After the printing time, your order is ready for shipping. For roll labels, we can print and ship them out in just 2 business days.

How much does it cost to make roll labels?

The price of roll labels depends on the size, material, and quantity you choose. For example, 500 pieces of 2” x 2” labels printed on glossy white premium paper costs 36¢ each. If you order 1000 pieces, the price drops to 19¢ per piece. The higher the quantity, the lower the price per unit. You can use the order calculator to check the estimated cost for the type of labels you want to print.

Which is the most durable roll label material for food packaging?

If you want long-lasting labels, we recommend BOPP material. A popular choice for product labels, BOPP is thin but tough, moisture-resistant, and non-toxic. It also adheres well to different types of surfaces and can be immersed in ice water without disintegrating.

I don’t have a design yet. Do you offer templates?

Yes, we offer free blank downloadable templates to design roll labels. These include predefined printing guidelines to help you avoid running into any pre-press issues. You can use these templates on a wide variety of software applications like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Microsoft Publisher.

How do I use the design tool to create my labels?

If you don’t have a design software, it’s easy to create your layout using’s online design tool, Create48. Just follow these steps:
  • Use the order calculator to select your label specifications like size, material, quantity, etc. After, click on “Design Online”.
  • You will be redirected to the online design tool. Use the toolbar at the top to search and upload images, add text, and change colors.
  • If you are satisfied with your design, click “Save” then add a job name for your design.
  • After, click “Proceed to Order” then follow the rest of the checkout process.

What are popular label sizes?

The label size you choose should depend on the application space of your product. For mailing labels, our most common size is 2.5” x 1”. For product branding, sizes 2” x 3.5” rectangle and 3” x 3” circles are great logo labels or additional product information. For wine bottle labels, 3.5” x 4” rectangle is the most popular for 750 ml bottles.

I can’t find the size or shape I need. Do you accept custom orders?

Yes. To make the order, just click on the Get a Custom Quote link in our online calculator.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: