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Every Door Direct Mail: Postcards Made Even Better

For small businesses, spending money on marketing that could otherwise be spent on expenses or additional inventory is a tough choice to make. This dilemma is now a moot point, thanks to Every Door Direct Mail postcards by the United States Postal Service and 48HourPrint.

What are EDDM Postcards?

Every Door Direct Mail is a direct mail service by the USPS that provides marketers and small business owners the opportunity to promote your business to specific neighborhoods using your own EDDM postcards, even without a mailing list.

Using EDDM routes from the USPS, you can target neighborhoods based on demographics like average age, income, or household size that fit your target market. You can saturate entire zip codes and EDDM routes with your promotional postcards without spending a lot of money. And for small businesses, the USPS offers discounted prices so you get more bang for your buck.

Print EDDM Postcards

Our EDDM printing service here at 48HourPrint.com offers top quality EDDM postcards with a wide selection of EDDM-ready postcard sizes and paper stocks. Popular sizes include 6.25” x 8”, 6.5” x 9”, and 6.5” x 11”. Additionally, you can apply matte, gloss, or high gloss UV coating on your choice of paper stock.

Also included in our EDDM printing and mailing service is our free file templates and file check to make sure your direct mail postcards are EDDM-ready. We can also bundle your postcards to the required batches of 100 pieces (with slip-sheet separation)—ready for post office drop-off.

Just send us your press-ready design today and your EDDM postcards will be ready for shipping to every door in your neighborhood in as little as 1 day.

EDDM® and EVERY DOOR DIRECT MAIL® are trademarks of the United States Postal Service

48HourPrint is an independent provider of Every Door Direct Mail® products that is not associated with nor sponsored by the United States Postal Service.

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