Cut-to-Size Labels

Cut-to-Size Label Printing

  • Individually cut stickers
  • Available in 4 shapes
  • Large variety of sizes
  • Crack and peel adhesive backing for easier application
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48 Hour Print’s Cut-to-size Stickers Can Fit All Brands -- Big Or Small

No matter the size of your brand or business, you can make it stick with cut-to-size stickers. Stickers spread your brand and can be used for decoration and tagging. Our customization options include over 20 different sizes, multiple shapes, as well as matte,gloss, and UV finishes. Together, our customization options allow for hundreds of possible combinations. This makes it simple to create stickers that suit any specific application.

48 Hour Print also lets you order quantities as few as 25 or as many as 100,000 -- ready in 4 -2  business days. This makes cut-to-size stickers a viable option for organizations of all sizes. They're a great option for companies that need hundreds of thousands of stickers, and also small clubs and youth groups than may only need a few.

High-quality cut-to-size stickers are classic marketing tools. These sticky prints have maintained a wide appeal for decades. Design them with your logo, eye-catching visual designs or add slogans to them. Use them for political campaigns, and any promotional event. Use them for branding by themselves or to supplement other print materials. They can even be used as decorative decals on a wide variety of surfaces. These include laptops, phones, equipment cases, lockers, filing cabinets and more. Stickers are also useful as a way to label items for packaging and tag them for inventory.

Whatever you need them for, we have a variety of cut-to size shapes, sizes, and stocks to fit any application. Every sticker is cut-to-size and boxed before it shipped to you. This which makes application and storage a snap.

File Templates
Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: