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Pop-Up Displays

  • Stand out and attract traffic to your booth
  • Banner-only replacement option
  • Portable and easy to set up – no tools needed

Be the Badass of Trade Shows With Pop-Up Display Printing

With all buzz and action at industry events, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Make sure your brand stands out with pop-up display printing.

Set this up in your booth and make a dramatic impact at every trade show, convention, or marketing event you join. Each pop-up display features high-resolution graphics that create a striking and professional look.

Anatomy of a Pop-up

The banner and the frame are the skin and bones of each pop-up display. The printed pop-up banner uses a 8.8 oz. tension fabric that is machine-washable and scratch-resistant. The reinforced frame is made of lightweight aluminum that is durable and easy to setup. It is inserted inside the printed pop up banner much like how you insert a pillow into a pillowcase. The whole assembly is stored in a soft canvas bag for easy transport.

To set up, just stretch the frame to size. Then attach the banner printing to the frame using Velcro and magnetic safety connectors. Make sure to pull the end caps towards the corners of the frame tightly. To store away, just fold the frame flat and store in the included soft bag.

Two popular sizes are available:

  • 8 ft. frame size - this has a display size of 89” x 89”, which is also the banner size.
  • 10 ft. frame size – this uses a 118” x 89” fabric banner size, so you have more space to put your information.

Note: Make your pop-up display stand out more by ordering two detachable LED lights. These lights wrap the sides of the frame for a clean, minimal look and puts a spotlight on your design.

The POPular Pick

Fabric pop-up display printing is a popular choice for small and large businesses for trade shows and other marketing events.

Here’s why:

  • Portability. Pop-up display frames are collapsible, light, and compact so you can bring it anywhere you go.
  • Easy to assemble. Each pop-up display printing is designed for fast and easy assembly. All you need to do is take it out of the bag, slip the frame inside the fabric banner, and you’re done.
  • Customizable. There are endless ways to customize your display. Print fabric pop up displays in the artwork of your choice. Then change it out for another print in your next event.
  • Cost-effective. These versatile pop-ups offer stunning custom visuals at a low price point. Not only that,they are also reusable. No wonder they are one of the top choices for trade show events.

Make Your Brand Pop

A full-color dye sublimation printing process is used to create high-resolution images on your fabric banner. So how can you make the most out of your pop-up display printing?

Here’s how:

Go big and bold. You are working with a very big area. Use large fonts and high-resolution graphics so your design will be easily seen.

Highlight your brand. Stick to your company’s color scheme and be sure to put your logo and company name on the banner display design.

Create a focal point. Try to have one main message or visual that everyone can see from a distance.


What is “full color dye sublimation printing”?

This is a printing process wherein heat is used to transfer dye onto materials such as fabric to create prints. The vaporized dye colors penetrate the fabric rather than just being printed on top of it. This process means the print is less likely to fade or distort over time.

When will I receive my pop-up display?

The printing turnaround time and the shipping time you selected will determine your order’s arrival. “Printing turnaround” is the number of days needed to make your order, excluding weekends and holidays. “Shipping time” starts after the printing turnaround time.

Can I order another banner design for the pop-up display?

Yes, you can order a replacement banner. We can accommodate a single order or as many as 50 pieces.

Layout Templates
Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: