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Band Stickers

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Print Band Stickers for Your Logo

Standing out as a startup is not a walk in the park. Custom band stickers help differentiate your brand from the crowd. Print your logo in full color and establish your brand presence efficiently and effectively.

Band stickers offer a whole world of promotional possibilities. You can incorporate them into all types of marketing your group needs to boost recognition and gain loyal followers.

Use them as freebies. Hand out free sticker giveaways to every person who attended your show. This gesture of appreciation for their support goes a long way. Fans who end up using your brand stickers on one of their personal items can help you gain recognition by endorsing you to other music lovers.

Sell them as band merch. We’ve seen band T-shirts and apparel, why not extend it to band stickers? Design and print multiple versions of your logo and other eye-catching artwork to give your customers some variety.

Dress up your equipment. You can print large stickers in waterproof materials to apply on guitars, drums, amplifiers, speakers, and other musical equipment. They not only add personality, they also make a statement each time you play a show.

Order band stickers at today. You can upload your own ready-made design or create a new one online for free. We offer plenty of customization options so you can print the exact kind of stickers you need.

Custom Stickers in Any Way, Shape, and Form

Band stickers offer a lot of options to perfectly suit your requirements.

48HourPrint offers square, rectangle, circle, and oval shapes as standard for both cut-to-size and roll stickers.

Feeling adventurous? We can also produce standout shapes like arch, hexagon, star, and heart shapes. If you have another shape in mind, we can do die-cut stickers and trim them according to the exact size and shape of your logo or design. Just select Custom from the dropdown and you can input the exact size that fits your needs.

Rock Out With Heavy-Duty Sticker Materials

For band stickers that can withstand wear and tear, we recommend white vinyl and BOPP sticker materials.

White vinyl is extremely durable and has a UV-resistant, high-gloss finish that makes the surface extra shiny and waterproof. This material is ideal for products exposed to heat, moisture, and the outdoors.

BOPP (biaxially oriented polypropylene) is a gloss-laminated, self-adhesive stock made of plastic-like material. It is tear-resistant, waterproof, and ideal for items that may be exposed to water, oil, and moisture. You can create attractive designs using your logo with clear, white, and metallic BOPP materials.

If you’re looking for uncoated, indoor sticker materials, we also offer white sticker papers and Estate adhesive paper.

White paper sticker is our all-purpose, indoor label material. The surface is writable using a permanent pen or marker. Add matte, gloss, or high-gloss UV coating for extra protection.

White premium sticker paper is our most popular indoor material. This pressure-sensitive adhesive paper stock has a smooth, semi-gloss finish but you can add gloss or matte laminate.

Estate adhesive paper is an uncoated label stock that has a tactile paper feel. It comes in a matte UV coating to make it scratch and moisture resistant.

Order band stickers today and get a free file proof at checkout. Gary and our friendly print geeks are always available to assist you with your printing needs and questions.

Just give us a call at 800-844-0599, from Monday to Friday, 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET.


How do I get my design proofed for free?

When you upload your sticker design on the website, select I want a PDF Proof and our print geeks will email you with a PDF for your review. After approving your digital proof via email and confirming your payment, we will proceed with printing.

Is bulk label printing cheaper?

Yes. The more prints you order, the lower the cost will be for each piece. You can check the unit price at the bottom of the order calculator located on the product page.

How do I use the online design tool?

Follow these three (3) easy steps to create your design on the website:
  1. 1. Use the order calculator on your product page to indicate the size, material, and quantity of your print order. After, click Design Online.
  2. 2. You will be redirected to the online design tool. Use the toolbar to search and upload images, add text, and change colors.
  3. 3. Once you’re done, you can either select Save Design and include a job name or Proceed to Checkout.

Band Sticker Templates

Select your preferred sticker size below to download a ZIP file containing templates formatted in that particular size: