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Restaurant Signs

  • Advertise with restaurant signage of all shapes and sizes
  • Customize for menus, announcements, or branding
  • Printed with durable materials for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weatherproof sign options available
  • Fast printing turnaround
restaurant signs

Invite Diners in With Outdoor Signs

Responsibly Remind With Indoor Restaurant Signs

Make Yours a Delectable Destination With Restaurant Signs

Attract customers to your establishment with restaurant signs. Whether you’re offering dine-in services, strictly deliveries only, or food to-go, custom restaurant signs tell your customers important information. Outdoor advertising lets your customers know that you’re open, while indoor signs tell them what’s on the menu, or remind them of social distancing guidelines.

48HourPrint offers custom restaurant signs tailored to your requirements. Whether you need small window clings for displaying your opening hours, retractable banners for announcing in-house promotions and events, poster signs for overhead menu boards, or massive vinyl banners for outdoor advertising, Gary and his print geeks will deliver in spades.

Getting the Word Out

Restaurant signs play a crucial role in marketing and advertising effectively. Especially with the pandemic, potential customers need to become aware that you’re open for business, if you’re offering dine-in options or just takeaway, or what’s on the menu. Even if you’re already advertising online, having restaurant signs are a cost-efficient way to boost brand awareness and recall. Gary has outlined a few tips on how to best maximize signs for your restaurant:

  • See outside the box – Having signs right outside your restaurant is expected. Having signs a few feet away or at a different angle aren’t. Think out of the box and put outdoor banners and outdoor signs in off-kilter places that can catch the eye of potential customers.
  • Size matters – As the old adage goes, go big or go home. Big restaurant signs mean bigger visibility. More customers take notice even from a distance. Even if you’re on a tight budget, you can make a big impact by playing with fonts. Just make sure the text is clear and readable.
  • Inject humor – We all need something to laugh about. Adding humor to restaurant signs, usually with A-frames, is a tried and tested way of raising awareness for restaurants and cafes. Say something witty or memorable that’ll make your brand stick.
  • Be consistent – From your poster signs, wall decals, to the tabletop banners, make sure that your design is aligned with your brand identity. Doing so strengthens your brand recall for customers, both old and new. Keep and repeat design elements that have become synonymous with your brand, be it a logo, font, or a specific color combination.

Why Print With

Printed With Premium Materials

We want our customers to receive nothing but the best. The materials and substrates we use for restaurant signs are beyond the industry standard, ensuring a long-lasting, gorgeous product.

Discounts Aplenty

We continuously pass the savings to our customers! We offer amazing daily deals and superb discounts thanks to Gary’s love for sharing and saving.

Restaurant Signs Design Templates

Whether you want to start from scratch or build upon existing artwork, 48HourPrint will help you out by offering a wide selection of free design templates. Choose from literally hundreds of banner and poster templates that’s sure to liven up your restaurant’s atmosphere.

See All Restaurant Banner Design Templates

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a restaurant sign cost?

The cost of restaurant signs depend on the product, material, quantity, and other customization options. The more you order, the more you’ll save on the cost of each sign.

Can you help with professional installation of restaurant signs?

We don’t offer installation services for our restaurant signs. However, all of our signage solutions are easy to install on your own. For vinyl banners, all you’ll need are zip ties, bungee cords, or rope. Posters and poster signs can be installed with the help of a frame or double-sided tape. The other restaurant signs can be set up in seconds with little effort.

Can I order replacement sign panels or banners? Or do I have to order an entire kit again?

You can order replacement sign panels for A-frames and extra banners for retractable banners. There’s no need to purchase a completely different kit. You can order sign panels and replacement banners on their own. Make sure to order the same measurements to guarantee everything fits like a glove.