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Brochure printing is an affordable but effective strategy for both small businesses and big companies alike. Brochures relay product and service information for customers. With their separate folded sections, you can present information in an organized way.

Design your brochures with your industry and target customers in mind. Make use of the folds to showcase what your business can offer. For instance, you can highlight idyllic tourist spots in travel brochures and present the nurturing smiles of your medical personnel in hospital brochures. Introduce wedding packages in brochures with photographs of your previous couples and include customer testimonials in your business brochures.

Here at, we print brochures with several customizable options to suit your preferences. Choose the right brochure size and fold that’s perfect for your information. Our brochures are available in several paper thicknesses, 70 lb., 80 lb., and 100 lb. paper as well as 100 lb. cover stock, with optional matte, gloss, and gloss UV coating.

Choose from our list of folds, each with their unique features:

Half Fold / Single Fold

This simple brochure fold divides your paper into two panels. It’s perfect for a business with a short list of product or service information.

Trifold / Letterfold

Our most popular fold, this brochure is divided into three panels. They are ideal for marketing presentations as well as sequential steps.

Double Parallel Fold

This fold divides your paper into four panels. It is first folded in half and then in half again, parallel to the first fold. This fold is great for detailed product and service presentations.

Accordion Fold

This fold divides your brochure into four alternating panels. The design makes your reader go through your information in an intuitive way.

French Fold

The French fold divides your paper horizontally and then vertically into four quadrants. It’s perfect for visually divided presentations of products and services.

Roll Fold

The roll fold, as the name implies, folds your paper inwards to itself. If you want to reveal each panel one by one, this fold is perfect for you.

Gate Fold

This fold divides your brochure into three panels. Two panels form doors that cover a bigger central panel. Perfect for showcasing a specific product.

Double Gate Fold

This fold is similar to the gate fold, but the central panel is folded at the center. It's best for larger presentations.


Send us your brochures and they can be ready for shipping in as little as one business day. offers free proofing, fast printing options, and discounted prices. Call our 24-hour customer support at 800-844-0599 for more information.


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File Templates
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