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Who doesn't use bookmarks? From the bookworm to the casual reader, everyone takes a break from reading and needs to remember where they left off. A lot of times we're short on bookmarks, so just place a post-it or a random mailing piece to mark the page. But wouldn't a great solution be to provide that person a bookmark that advertises your company?'s promotional bookmarks are a great way to promote your company and stay on top of your customer's mind. Promotional bookmarks are the perfect choice for any business, large or small.

Libraries - Put your hours of operation, stamp the dates the book is due back, or add some book recommendations to get people reading.

Schools - Kids love reading and so do their parents. Provide promotional bookmarks to encourage reading, but also keep everyone informed of the school calendar or special events.

Bookstores - Can also use promotional bookmarks to advertise discounts and specials, or keep customers informed of upcoming book signings and in store lectures.

Companies big and small - At your next trade show, along with your business card printing, hand out promotional bookmarks. It's an affordable takeaway with long term promotional benefits.

Charities - Instead of creating a flyer that may be discarded, distribute promotional bookmarks with your charity's mission statement and information on ways people can volunteer and make donations.

Colleges and Universities - Include promotional bookmarks with purchases at the campus bookstore. Include helpful information, like important university numbers or a mini map of the school.

Catalogs - Next time you distribute your catalog or booklet printing, include promotional bookmarks to highlight a featured product page. Not only will they point out pages you want readers to view, but they provide secondary branding and advertising for your company.

Order Bookmark Printing

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