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Buckslips Marketing

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Buckslip marketing is a great way to generate sales and promote your company. Buckslips are roughly the size of a dollar bill and can easily be slipped into an existing mailing without incurring additional postage fees. And since buckslip marketing can be so easily incorporated into your other marketing methods, they are less intrusive and allow you to convey multiple messages, without doing multiple mailing jobs. Here are some examples of ways to use buckslip marketing to your benefit:

Monthly Bills - Send buckslips along with your monthly statements or invoices to help educate about new products or mention sales and promotions.

Report Cards - Publicize school events, like plays or parent teacher conferences, by adding buckslip marketing along with your report cards.

Store Mailings - Having a year end sale? Insert buckslips along with regular store promotions, and get the word out about your business.

Thank You Cards - Incorporate buckslip marketing into thank you cards for your customers. Offer a special discount to your most valued customers or announce a new product offering to grab their attention.

Along with Receipts - When a customer at your store is handed a receipt, have an extra takeaway by including a buckslip. Customize your buckslip marketing to look like store-branded currency and present an incentive, like $25 off a future order of $100, anything that will promote your company and encourage future purchases.

Order Buckslips