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Hang Tags Marketing

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A hang tag is typically a label describing the merchandise on which it is attached. Custom hang tag printing allows your company to add necessary details about a product while simultaneously incorporating creativity and style. Use hang tags marketing to point out critical information like product specifics (such as ingredients or composition), price, care details, and safety issues that a customer should be aware of when purchasing. Hang tags marketing may also be used to tell a story about the product; or for promotional incentives like recipes and coupons.

Hang tags are not merely a helpful informational tool. They also differentiate products while adding to the physical appeal. Hang tags marketing attracts customer attention while lending prestige and perceived value to the products on which they are attached. This added value can play an important role in boosting sales by improving perceptions.

Here are some things to consider when creating custom full color printing hang tags for your products:

  • Be consistent. - Design your hang tags marketing pieces to match your company’s branding. Use company colors as well as your logo to effectively represent your brand. Every brand has an image… be sure that yours is accurately portrayed in all of your hang tags marketing initiatives.
  • Keep it simple. - When working within such small size specifications the last thing you want to do is confuse your customer with a barrage of visual effects. Try to limit yourself to three colors and stay within the variations of those chosen. Do not use more than two different fonts and be wary of using a font size smaller than 7pt. Remember, people in general are accustomed to reading 9 or 10 pt type sizes. If your typeface is too small you could lose your audience.
  • Stand out in a positive way. - Hang tags marketing efforts should complement the product they are attached to. Though they should be noticeable and add value, they should not be an eyesore or a distraction.
  • Don’t forget the hole! - Leave space in your design for a drill hole in the paper. Don’t put any important information where the hole will be drilled. Allowing an important word to get cut not only takes away from the informative aspect of the hang tag, it also detracts from your company’s credibility and could eliminate the perceived added value you worked to achieve with your hang tag printing.

Tag It!

Hang tags are perfect for use on garments or purses in clothing stores, dry cleaners, or in your coat check. String them with elastic for use on irregular-shaped items such as jar tops or gift baskets. However you use it, hang tags marketing is a great way to promote your products and advance corporate name recognition.

Hang tags are ideal for branding retail products and helping to convey the professional image your company deserves. Hang tags from include full color printing both sides, come in two sizes (2”x3.5” and 2”x6”) and are printed on 14 point cover stock with FREE gloss coating. Prices include a drill hole. offers quality hang tag printing for an affordable price. Break away from the monotony of ordinary price tags… Order custom hang tags  from today!

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