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Online Brochure Printing and Marketing Tips


Online brochure printing is one of the most commonly used printed marketing materials. While savvy business people do much of their dealings via the internet, they still enjoy the personal sense of connection they get from printed pieces.

Printing brochures as a communication medium is portable, tangible, and allows prospects to read about your business at their leisure. It is a great way to give your customers all of the information they need, without the time and size limitations of other marketing materials. Online brochure printing is also a great way to keep in contact with current customers, building loyalty and reinforcing credibility.

Here are some tips for successful online brochure printing and marketing from

Be Conscious of Design

The eye naturally looks to some visual cues before others. Your reader will look at pictures first, and then headlines, charts and graphs, captions, and finally body text. Keep this in mind when establishing the basic design of your brochure. Make sure that the reader is able to pick up the majority of the content at a glance by looking at pictures and skimming the headlines and captions. Don't hide vital selling points within the body text. Make sure to include the essence of your objectives in the headlines and captions. When thinking about the arrangement and style of your online brochure, think about whether you want your piece to utilize Tri-Fold Brochures, half-fold, or other brochure fold options. 48 Hour Print offers all popular brochure folds.

Maximize Effectiveness Through Content.

Your custom brochure should convey a concise, direct message in a visually persuasive way. The type of information you include could determine whether or not you convert a sale. Try to make features into a bulleted list of simple, memorable phrases. Customers that understand your business are more likely to buy from you, so avoid using technical descriptions, jargon, and buzzwords. Find out what keeps your current customers coming back as well as what sets you apart from your competition. Emphasize one or two of these qualities in your online brochure printing efforts.

Give Your Reader a Reason to Read On

If the cover of your brochure doesn't grab readers' attention, you can be sure that your brochure will get tossed before potential customers even finish reading them. Keep your online printed brochures simple and easy to understand. Add a phrase that teases a special offer prompting them to open the brochure. Use phrases like "Limited Time Offer" and "Savings Inside!" to pique their interest. If you choose to add your logo on the front, make it smaller than usual and don't make it the focus.

Address Readers’ Concerns in a Logical Sequence

Assuming that you have all the requisite design elements covered, the ability for you to successfully and succinctly communicate with your audience is the difference between a brochure that is taken home and thoroughly processed and one that ends up in the bottom of a nearby trash receptacle. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to anticipate potential questions and answer them in a logical sequence. What would your first question be if you were a customer? Proactively answering these questions in a coherent order will make your online brochure printing easy to read and follow along with.

Know Your Audience

When developing your online brochure printing and marketing campaign, it is very important to understand who will be reading it. Your intended audience should dictate the type of information you include in your online brochure printing. Narrow the recipients down to customers that will help to boost sales. This does not have to be new clients. Targeting current customers is sometimes the most ideal way to introduce a new product or service.

Create A Keeper

If your printed brochure is a simple statement of why your company is great, why your products are the best, and why people need to buy from you, it won't be retained for very long. Even people who buy from you will discard your promotional materials shortly after they acquire them. However, if your brochure includes information that is valuable, people are more likely to save them and refer back to it from time to time. Adding proven tips, strategies, and helping to clarify commonly asked questions on your online brochure printing will exponentially increase its longevity.

Tell Them How To Find You

One detail commonly forgotten in brochures is contact information. Include your address, phone number, fax number, web address, store hours, directions, and any other pertinent information that will make it easier to get in contact with you.

Include A Call To Action

Now that you've given customers the tools they need to make an informed purchase, you need to ask for action.

"Act fast", "Visit our website to order now!", or "Call today" are all examples of calls to action (CTA). Even the most motivating online brochure printing is only valuable if it drives business back to your company. In fact, to increase your brochure's selling power, you should include your offer and a response mechanism on each page.

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