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Table Tents Marketing Ideas

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Promotional table tents marketing is an extremely effective advertising tool… especially when it comes to food and drink consumption. Having table tents marketing that is separate from the menu is a great way to get specials noticed. Whether you're showcasing a new item or listing desserts, here are some suggestions that will make your patrons salivate and surely have them coming back for more. Choose full color table tent printing from and watch your business grow.

  • Location, location, location. The eye naturally falls on certain positions, depending on the size and shape of your table tents marketing pieces, and the amount of time spent viewing them. Make sure you position your most profitable items, or your newest product offerings, in the center of your table tents marketing pieces.
  • Copy That. Catchy descriptions, along with bold headings or titles in your table tents marketing, help to explain what an item is and why your customer should notice it. Try to limit your description to 10 words, giving the reader enough information while also leaving room for intrigue.
  • Don't want to leave it to the imagination? Use high quality pictures incorporated the design of your table tents marketing, to highlight featured menu items and watch your sales grow. When promoting appetizers or dessert items; a picture is worth a thousand words. When a menu description just doesn't do it, show your customers exactly how good it looks and exactly why they should order it, on your table tents marketing.
  • Don't forget your name. There should always be an item that bears the name of your establishment at the table or on the bar. Repetition reinforces the branding efforts put forth by your table tents marketing, and works to embed your establishment in your customer's memory. As part of this make sure you brand both sides of your table tents marketing.
  • Not just for food. Use your table tents marketing to draw attention to your extensive drink menu. Listing your wine list, top shelf liquor, or specialty frozen drinks is a fantastic way to up-sell and boost the check. Always on the table, let the table tents marketing remind your customers' mid-meal that they've always wanted to try that margarita or hot fudge sundae you are not offering.

Traditionally used for advertising in restaurants, bars, and nightclubs, table tents marketing is also effective in hotel rooms, cafeterias, and at conferences or other gatherings. Use table tents marketing in hotel rooms to display pay per view movies, room service menus, amenities offered, or information about the area. Use it on conference tables for place cards or to highlight the event’s agenda. Having a drawing for a promotional giveaway? Use table tents marketing to list giveaway details such as what the offer is, why you should sign up, and how to enter.

Now that you have a plan...

It's time to get started! Table Tent Printing from include full color printing one side, come in two sizes, and are printed on 14 point C1S cover stock (Gloss coating on the front, no coating on the back).

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