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Promotional Booklet Marketing

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Often you have a lot of information you'd like to convey, and a one page sell sheet printing or brochure printing isn't enough space. A promotional booklet is an optimal solution to showcase all the information you'd like to get across. The promotional booklet comes in a variety of pages (from 8 to 48) and sizes (standard and small), allowing your booklets to be customized to exactly what you need. While perhaps there are some basic ideas of how a promotional booklet can be used, there are many ways to think outside the box and think imaginatively.

Full Product Catalog - Display your company's offerings from A to Z. Printed on high quality, glossy, full color paper, the products will jump off the page of your catalog.

Pamphlets for a Company Gathering - For a company's year-end discussion about financial information, company performance, and stocks, a promotional booklet can combine all the information in a straightforward, easy to reference fashion.

Exciting Playbills - Whether it's an off-Broadway play or your local high school musical, a promotional booklet makes an excellent selection for a playbill. Affordable for anyone interested and with many options, dazzle audiences with a spectacular show and a snazzy playbill to go with it!

Workbooks - Looking for an innovative teaching tool? Design your own workbooks for your students. Create your curriculum page by page, hand out some markers, and allow your students to embrace your fun, new lesson.

School Spirit! - Entice current and prospective students with a promotional booklet showcasing your campus, faculty, and student life.

Instruction Manuals - Have you invented the next big invention but need to include some directions in your packaging? Use a promotional booklet to develop an operational handbook for your gadgets that look professional and instruct your users.

Programs! Get your programs! - For all the seasoned sports watchers, produce a promotional booklet showcasing your team. Include player stats, game schedules, and articles to entertain and inform your fans.

Informational Booklets - If there's a subject matter that's frequently discussed, use a promotional booklet to put all these frequently asked questions together. They're perfect for anyone: your doctor's office with questions about the Flu, a law firm looking to inform clients about typical legal actions, or even solutions for planning financially for college.

The possibilities for a promotional booklet are endless! When there's a need for multiple pages that are high quality at excellent prices, look no further! With the ability to customize to your liking, these booklets can be a solution for everyone from a large company to a small school.

Order Booklet Printing