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CD Wallet Marketing

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Musicians, DJs, Videographers and other audio and visual production facilities constantly working with the CD/DVD medium have long searched for a cost effective way to distribute their finished projects and demos discs. Traditional jewel cases require elaborate printing on a 3 panel insert, as well as a front booklet sized card, and slim styled case often leave no room for contact and company information. Seizing on this opportunity, is pleased to offer high quality, reasonably priced CD Wallets that give you a vehicle to promote your company, band or personal talents and present yourself in a more professional light.

Here are some interesting ideas for using CD Wallets from

Press Kits Are Essential

Any band, DJ, artist or performer worth their salt has a well designed press kit. Whether you are well known veteran or a rising star hoping to catch on, having a well designed kit (including materials like biography, photographs, logos and other related press coverage.) Imagine the power of compiling all of this material on one CD/DVD. With modern burning software, it is possible to include your demo music or visuals on the same disc as a PDF or ZIP file with your press kit. Putting this material into a CD Wallet that you have designed with your logo, web site and other contact information will make a serious impression on potential clients, booking agents and customers.

Storage and Advertising = A Versatile Combination

After producing your latest wedding or corporate video, you need to use some form of storage. Simple plastic jewel cases are often the norm, but they leave little or no room for personalization and promotion of your company and services. An attractive and well designed CD Wallet from will make an impression on your clients and make it easy for them to remember your company name and contact you when they have another audio or video project.

Event Specific Demos with Reasonable Pricing and Fast Turnaround

As many DJs, bands and other aspiring artists know, promoting yourself takes time and money. Handing out a ton of demos is a good way to connect with your audience and get your name out into the public eye, but demos are only useful if people know who you are after the fact. How many times have you gotten a CD at an event, only to get home and find it wasn't properly labels and you don’t remember where you got it? Using a personalized CD Wallet will help people remember your name, website and other important information about your performance. Look as professional as you sound with high quality CD Wallets from

Look As Good As You Sound

CD Wallets are a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to jewel cases that will help your project stand out from the crowd. Strong enough to protect your media, but slim and light enough to substantially reduce the shipping costs and waste associated with plastic jewel cases.

Software Companies, Photographers, Graphic Designers, Musicians and anyone else looking for a high impact way to distribute materials on CD/ DVD should consider the advantages that our new CD Wallets offer.

  • Flashy and colorful with gloss coating our CD Wallets are an ideal way to give your demo a look and feel that will help you gain maximum exposure.
  • Printed on durable 14 point cover stock, our CD Wallets come fully assembled with all tabs and gluing included in our pricing.
  • With reasonable pricing and 48 hour turnaround guaranteed*, CD Wallets from can protect your CD or DVD project and convey all the necessary contact and company information in an effective and eye catching piece.

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