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Event Ticket Printing and Marketing

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The Ticket to Professional Looking Events

High quality, professional custom event tickets are an affordable, versatile marketing tool that will make your event stand out. Take your local theatre performance, school sporting event or fundraiser to the next level with full color event ticket printing from

Give Your Event a Professional Touch!

Professional event ticket printing has long been associated with large scale concerts, theatrical performances and pro or college sporting events. While on the other end of the spectrum, small scale gatherings like school dances, raffles, and fundraisers are often promoted using low-budget pieces made from bland looking yellow or blue card. While these simple designs offer little in the way of promotional assistance, the price of their full color counterparts made them cost prohibitive for all but the largest companies. That is until now.

It is now possible to promote your local event, school bake sale or church gathering with custom tickets for events that are as durable, colorful and professional as any on the market. Advertise your business website and 800 number, include graphics and photos, and present your event in a positive and professional light.

Here are some suggestions for using custom tickets to promote your event or business:

  • Concerts and Theaters - Make your next community theatre presentation look like a Broadway production, with coordinated marketing and promotional materials. Design your event ticket printing, flyers and posters using common design elements and present a marketing campaign that is sure to get attention and increase interest in your show.
  • Sporting Events - Imagine the promotional possibilities of using professional event ticket printing for your next charity softball event. Think of the school spirit you could generate by creating high quality event ticket printing for your high school or middle school sporting events.
  • Conferences and Banquets - Instead of a simple card with the date and location of your next conference or banquet, give people something they will admire, remember and hold onto after the event with full color event ticket printing from
  • Bars and Nightclubs - Why not have event ticket printing that promotes the party on one side and your establishment on the other. Give your special event the same treatment as the big concert across town.
  • Dances and Proms - Teenagers are extremely media savvy and handing them a black and white flyer or a bland raffle style ticket to promote your next dance or prom simply isn’t going to excite them. If you want to get students talking about your school events, start with professionally designed flyers and event ticket printing.
  • Hotels; Resorts; Convention Centers - Custom tickets for valet parking, coat checks, pool towels, admission to on site parties and conferences; tickets are essential in the hospitality industry. Add your corporate stamp and branding to everything you hand out, at a price that fits your budget.
  • Fairs and Festivals - In addition to noting admission, consider adding a list of the events for the day or a note about the time of a specific performance on your event ticket printing.
  • Church and Social Groups - Churches and other special groups can use event ticket printing to help get the word out about upcoming events, gatherings, holiday services and other get-togethers of note.
  • Charity Fundraising - Raising money at a particular event is extremely important, but establishing a positive company image through effective branding is essential to the long term success of charitable organizations. Using well conceived event ticket printing will not only help the event at hand, but will keep your organization’s name in the public eye and improve future fundraising success. is pleased to offer high quality, full color custom ticket printing with affordable pricing and 48 hour turnaround guaranteed. All of our event ticket printing is full color both sides on 14 point cover stock with your choice of Gloss, U.V., C1S (coating on one side) or Matte coating. We also include a free perforation and numbering is available for a nominal charge.

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