Mounted Posters

Mounted Poster Printing

  • Popular sizes: 24" x 36", 16" x 20", 22" x 28"
  • 2 durable outdoor stock choices
  • Fast turnaround
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Versatile Yet Rugged Mounted Poster Printing

Mounted poster printing makes it easy to have durable promotional pieces for a campaign, or artwork reproductions for your home and workspaces.

These posters are printed and mounted on a thick, sturdy backing made of your choice. Like regular posters, they’re also perfect for marketing pieces. Unlike regular posters however, mounted posters have a finished look that requires no additional framing and are more durable, making them suitable for a variety of situations that would cause normal posters to rapidly deteriorate.

Mounted posters are perfect for temporary outdoor “open house” signs or as tough, tamper-resistant displays at trade shows and conventions. They are popular with advertising agencies as general-purpose outdoor ad platforms. They’re also a hit with fashion houses, film producers, and other creative businesses for the flexibility offered by the water-resistant PVC material

Our poster mounting options also include a super-light styrene plastic material that works best for long-term indoor use.

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Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: