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Open House Yard Signs

Get potential buyers to your open house with durable and high-quality signs. With's custom open house yard signs, easily drive foot traffic to your property to sell your house faster.

Place an order for custom yard signs for open house today and have your signs ready for shipping in a few days.

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Fast and High-Quality Printing of Custom Yard Signs

Get durable open house yard signs fast with We offer fast printing of long-lasting yard signs for your showings or open house events.

Big Discounts for Large Yard Sign Orders

Order today at to get up to 45% discount on your big open house yard sign order.

Get More People to Your Open House Event

Real estate can sometimes be a numbers game. As the number of people who pass by your open house increases, so will the chances of selling that property. Make your open house event easier with the help of informative and eye-catching yard signs. Add to that the smell of freshly baked goodies and soft, calming music and you’re guaranteed to have a successful real estate showing.

With yard signs, you can direct your prospects to your open house event. There will be people who found out about your open house on social media, your website, or through an ad in your local newspaper or community board. They will need clear signs and directions that will lead them to your open house event. Once they're in the area, your stunning custom yard signs and decor will signify to them that they have reached the open house.

How to Customize Open House Yard Signs

You can easily customize your open house yard signs if you already have a design. If you don’t have one, don’t fret! You can use our free online design tool for your yard signs.

Start customizing your design by using our order calculator. You can pick the size, the number of signs, what side/s you want printed on, if you want stakes and grommets to go with your order, and what's the printing turnaround that meets your requirements.

After that, you can proceed to upload your artwork for the yard signage. If your commissioned artwork is not yet ready, you can opt to proceed with your order now and upload the design later.

Customizing open house yard signs is easy with your trusted custom printing company, Get the most value for money bulk printing of all your business needs here.

Open House Yard Signs FAQs

How durable are the open house yard signs?

Our open house yard signs are very durable. Made with corrugated plastic, these yard signs are lightweight, long-lasting, and mildew-resistant, making them usable in any type of environment.

What are the open house yard signs that you offer?

We offer the following five (5) standard yard sign sizes:
  • 12" x 18" is recommended for a viewing distance of 50 feet or less; also ideal for short messages and simple logos.
  • 12" x 24" provides more space for contact details and a call to action.
  • 18" x 24" is ideal for bigger lawn spaces. A sign this size can be seen from 70 feet away. This is also our most popular yard sign size.
  • 36" x 24" can be seen from 100 feet away; recommended if you want to share more information on your promotion. Also our largest size option.
  • 6" x 24" (Rider) is a smaller sign that accompanies the main sign. Perfect for displaying contact numbers and sale status updates.

Furthermore, we offer 1 or 2 Color Yard Signs in 12" x 18" and 18" x 24" sizes. We require a minimum of 25 pieces for these orders.

Do open house yard signs come with stands?

No, but we can include it in your order. Indicate on the order calculator on the product page if you want to include stakes or grommets with your yard signs.

How long will open house yard signs last when used outdoors?

The lifespan of a yard sign depends on the conditions that it is being exposed to. When used exclusively outdoors, yard signs can last up to two years, with proper care and maintenance.

When will I get my open house yard sign order?

You will get an estimated delivery date on the order calculator page. Simply enter the customizations that you want for your open house yard signs and then type your ZIP code to get the shipping rates. The shipping rates come with their respective estimated delivery dates.

Marketing Tips and Ideas

To further drive people to your open house event, consider the following ideas:

1. Raffle or a Contest

Aside from unleashing the competitive nature of your open house guests, a raffle or a contest will also net you leads. Especially if you make their contact information the only requirement to enter the giveaway.

Be sure to have large signs ready with the instructions or the contest's rules so that your guests will know what to do or expect. Among the items you can raffle off are simple household items such as small appliances, gift cards, or even signed memorabilia from celebrities.

2. Food Trucks

Bringing in a popular food truck in your area will let you hit two birds with one stone: get more people to your open house and help a local small business. You can also give out coupons for a free menu item or discounted meals to your open house guests.

Use large signs to indicate the menu of the food truck and the exclusive treats available to your guests.

3. Art Exhibits

If you have a local community of artists, you can have them display their work at the open house event like some sort of art show. Their art pieces can be labeled with the artist's name and the price for each. Artists can also be present at the open house to talk about their art to your guests. You can use large yard signs to show the local artists who will be present and the theme of the exhibit (if there is one).

Furthermore, you can also include a charity event to the art show, with the artists pledging a part of their earnings for a cause. For this, you need a large, prominent yard sign showing the charity or advocacy that you’ll be honoring for that art exhibit.

4. Shopping Booths

Lastly, you can invite local boutiques, specialty stores, and even bookstores to set up booths inside or outside the house. Be sure to set up big yard signs to invite passers-by to drop by the property and take a look.

Open house events need not be boring or for serious homebuyers only. With these ideas, you can get a large number of people to visit your open house event. Even if they're not buying a house now, you will be able to collect valuable leads that you can use to contact them in the future.