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Cheap Business Cards Are A Bad Idea

We have all seen the ads online promoting . With many companies offering cards, why pay for high quality business cards? Stop for a moment and consider the real cost to you and your business for having flimsy, poorly printed, cheap business cards. Sure, cheap business cards can save you some money, but what do they cost you in the long run? For most businesses, the loss of just one sale due to the poor image that cheap business cards project more than makes up for the cost of high quality cards from Get the peace of mind that comes from portraying a professional image with high quality business cards. Here are some things to consider:

1 - The First Impression is Everything

Consider your business card, as your personal introduction point. When you meet someone (and putting your charming personality aside for a moment), you must acknowledge that more often than not, he may forget your name. If you back up this introduction with flimsy, dull looking, cheap business cards, you are sending the wrong message.

When your prospective customer is in need of your products or services, you want that person to find your business card and immediately remember you and your conversation. If your cards are well designed and printed on quality stock, with bright, vibrant colors – they are more likely to jog their memory and get a second look.

2 - Cheap Is As Cheap Does

One well known company offers free business cards, an offer that seems great at first. What you may not know is that the back side of these cheap business cards features the logo and URL for the company that provided you with the cards. Not only are these cheap business cards unappealing and unprofessional, but people will instantly recognize this as a “free card.” What message do you think a cheap business card like this will send to potential customer and clients? You can rest assured; it won’t be a positive one.

3 - Add Something Worth Holding Onto

You can save a few bucks going with flimsy, insubstantial cheap business cards, you are much better off with high quality cards. Make sure that your printed business cards are full color on one or both sides on 14 point cover stock with your choice of Gloss, U.V., C1S (coating one side) or Matte coating.

Color business cards from are a high quality, inexpensive way to promote yourself and your business. Order a new set from today!

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