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Ideas For Using Print Business Cards

It is very quick and easy to print business cards, and they are clearly a vital part of every business person’s daily routine. For certain quantities, you can even print business cards overnight with You can print business cards with, and let us help brand your company and keep your name and information in front of current customers and potential prospects. But the use and reasons to print business cards don’t stop with name, phone number and e-mail address. In this article, we will discuss alternate ways to use business cards, and why you should print business cards regularly to use this promotional tool to your advantage.

Use #1 - Coupons or Special Offers

You have seen those "buy 10 get one free" cards at your local ice cream shop, or miniature golf course. Why not take advantage of this idea, and print business cards from for this very purpose? Offer a discount, free gift, or something else on the back to remind customers who you are and how to get in touch with you. Anything that promotes retention and enhances your brand, is a good reason to print business cards.

Use #2 - Survey or Feedback

Print business cards to create pocked sized flyers for surveys, when quick, simple customer feedback is needed.

Use #3 - Miscellaneous Announcements/ Notices

Doctors, salons and hair stylists can use cards as appointments cards, with information about your business on the front, and a note of their next scheduled date on the back. You can also print business cards and use the back to map your location, or directions to a nearby parking lot etc.

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