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Business Card Printers: Advice and Etiquette

While it isn’t possible to know every custom, or the best way to behave in every business situation abroad, having a rough idea of local customs will help you get further. Cultural differences vary, but understanding the basics of good business etiquette and finding business card printers that can produce materials that work for you, can be the difference between an awkward encounter, and a successful meeting.

Understanding business card printers and decorum allows you to feel comfortable in your dealings with foreign friends, colleagues, customers or clients. Knowing what to do and say in the right places will help build confidence and open lines of communication. One aspect of etiquette that is of great significance internationally is the exchanging materials from business card printers

Unlike in North America or Europe where business card printers and their products have little meaning other than a handy form of capturing vital personal facts, other parts of the world place a different meaning on business cards. For example, in Japan, business cards are viewed as a representation of the owner. Therefore proper business etiquette demands one treats the business card with respect and honor. A bit part of this comes down to having a solid design for your business cards, and using reputable business card printers.

As one of the most respected business card printers in the business, we thought you might like to read some of these general tips, as well as some more specific guidelines that may help you on your next business trip abroad.

General Business Card Etiquette

  • Business cards are an internationally accepted means of presenting personal contact details, so ensure you use trusted business card printers, and have an abundant supply always on hand.
  • Demonstrating good corporate etiquette is merely a means of presenting yourself as well as possible. Using professional business card printers helps you look your best.
  • When traveling overseas for business it is sensible to have one side of your business card translated into the appropriate language. International business card printers or designers may be able to help in this regard.
  • Business cards are normally exchanged at the beginning or end of a meeting.
  • Good business etiquette requires you offer the card so that the business card content is face up and towards the recipient.
  • Make a point of studying any business card you receive, commenting on it and clarifying information before putting it away.
  • During a meeting, place the business cards on the table in front of you in the order people are seated.

Business Card Etiquette in China

  • Have one side of your card translated into Chinese using simplified Chinese characters. Consider using gold ink, as that is a lucky color. Also be sure this translation is in the correct dialect (i.e. Cantonese or Mandarin.) Business card printers and designers with lots of experience should be able to help with this.
  • Your business cards should include your title. If your company is the oldest or largest in your country, that fact should be highlighted on your card.
  • Hold the card in both hands when offering it.
  • Never write on someone's card unless so directed.

Business Card Etiquette in India

  • Business cards are exchanged even in non-business situations. Be prepared to share your card after the initial greeting and handshake.
  • When giving or receiving business cards, always use your right hand.
  • In addition to your name and job title, it is important to include any university degrees or other honors on your business card.
  • Business cards do not have to be translated into Hindi- English is widely spoken within the business community.

Business Card Etiquette in Japan

  • Exchanging business cards is a time honored ritual.
  • Invest in quality business cards from high quality business card printers, and always keep them in pristine condition.
  • When you receive a card, treat it carefully and with respect, as you would the person.
  • Make sure your business card printers include your title. The Japanese place importance on status and hierarchy. Business card printers or designers with lots of experience should be able to help with this.
  • A business card is always received with two hands but can be given with only one.
  • When the meeting is over, put any business cards you received in a case or holder to keep them from bending. Again, a sign of respect.

Business Card Etiquette in the UK

  • Etiquette is relaxed in the UK and involves little ceremony.
  • It is not considered bad etiquette to keep business cards in your pocket.
  • Business cards should be kept clean and presentable.
  • Do not feel obliged to hand out them to everyone you meet as it is not expected.

Creative designs, solid business card printers, logos, curved corners and other design enhancements certainly help make your business card stand out. The bottom line is business cards can only work if you get them out of their box and into the hands of everyone you come into contact with.

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