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Cheap Labels

  • Choose cut-to-size and roll format
  • Great deals and big discounts
  • Available in weatherproof materials
  • Ready to print in 3 days or less
Cheap Labels

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Cheap Labels: Cost-Effective Way to Convey Your Message

Communicate your message effectively with the help of our cheap labels. Whether it’s to let your customers know the contents of your packaging or boost your branding, these affordable labels are a great way to convey information. Use them to directly label your products or embellish your boxes, pouches, or bags. Add your logo, brand name, product ingredients, net weight, and other details that your customers would want to know. You can also use our custom labels to provide safety warnings on your tools or equipment and as handouts in events or conferences.

How to Create Your High-Quality Cheap Labels?

Want to create custom labels that are perfect for your needs? Here are some tips that can help you out.

Select the correct format.
Go with cut-to-size if you are going to label a small number of products or use your labels as giveaways for events or conferences. The roll format is more suitable for labelling hundreds or even thousands of items since roll labels can be applied automatically with the help of label dispensers.

Choose the ideal size and shape..
Before anything else, ask yourself this: where are you going to use your labels? The answer will help you determine the size and shape of your custom labels. If you need product labels for small boxes, you can go with a square 2” x 2” label. If you want something bigger, opt for a 3” x 4” or 6” x 6.5” label size. Take note that the available sizes are different for each shape.

Don’t overcrowd your label design..
Put only the important information in your labels. Product labels should include your logo, product name, net weight, or company slogan. Leave as much white space as you can since this will help put more emphasis on the details of your label design.

Use the right colors..
Using the right colors is key in creating custom labels that stand out. If you already have your brand colors, stick with them to ensure consistency. You should also consider the color of the surface where you are putting your labels. If the surface has a dark color like black or brown, use bright colors to create a contrast between the label and its background.

The simpler the font, the better..
The goal is to make the text on your labels easy to read. You can’t achieve that with overly complicated fonts such as formal scripts. Choose a font that can be read clearly even from a distance. Remember, you are conveying a message to your customers. Don’t make it hard for them to read what you want to say.

Why Print With

Durable Printing Materials

We offer cheap labels in high-quality materials that won’t easily tear. Aside from premium sticker paper and textured paper, we also use waterproof materials such as vinyl and BOPP for our labels.

Great Deals Available Daily

You can get up to 65% discount on our products and printing services. Visit our homepage daily to get updated on the latest deals and savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you offer “custom shape” for your cut-to-size and roll labels?

A: As of now, we only offer a custom shape option on our roll labels. On our cut-to-size labels, you can choose from our available standard shapes, which include square, rectangle, oval, and circle.

Q: What does “trim”, “safe zone”, and “bleed” mean in label design?

A: We use these printing terms to ensure that your design follows our printing guidelines and turns out accurate. Trim is the final size of your cheap labels. Any graphic elements that fall outside of the trim area will be cropped. Safe zone falls within the trim, which is where your design should be. Bleed is the area to be trimmed off, allowing you to extend your artwork or design to the edge of the paper.

Q: Are there any tools in your website that can help me design my custom labels?

A: Yes, we have a user-friendly online design tool that you can use to create your label design from scratch. We also have Create48, which offers free, ready-to-print design templates that you can easily customize.

Q: Are your labels scratch-resistant?

A: Our high-quality coating can provide an extra layer of protection for your labels. Aside from making them resistant to scuffing and fingerprints, the gloss, matter, and high-gloss UV finishes that we offer can also enhance the design of your labels.

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