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Food Label

  • Print in 1 business day
  • Available in different shapes and sizes
  • Withstands temperature changes
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Keep It Fresh With Food Labels

Whether it’s for nutritional information, FDA approval, or basic ingredients, custom food labels are the most important tool in communicating with consumers about your product. A variety of shapes and sizes are available, ensuring every design element you need will fit perfectly. Custom food labels don’t just convey product information, they’re also among the first things that customers notice about your product. They should stand out from the shelves and entice buyers to engage with your brand. For that, you need high-quality label options that can provide.

We offer a wide range of customization options to help you create the best labels for your food product. Our materials are safe for common food storage requirements such as refrigeration, and they’re even microwave and dishwasher-safe. Whether its packaged snacks, bottled beverages, dry goods, or fresh produce, custom food labels are suitable for any application.

Customize In Any Size, Shape, and Material

What’s the difference between cut-to-size or roll labels?

What material works best for indoor or outdoor use?

What size and shape should you order? We’re here to get every detail right.

Cut-to-size are perfect for small batches since they’re applied by hand and can be printed in small quantities. You have the flexibility of ordering just what you need for cost-efficiency.

Roll labels are designed to be used with a dispenser and is recommended for bigger enterprises. If you’re labelling hundreds if not thousands of products, this one’s for you.

When it comes to food labels, the type of material plays an important part in ensuring your products always look their best. We offer a wide variety of materials suitable for all types of food products. For items that can be displayed on a shelf and don’t need to be chilled, we recommend printing on uncoated 70 lb. labels. For hot temperatures or outdoor displays such as farmers’ markets, scratch-resistant and waterproof 4 mil. white vinyl is our toughest material.

If refrigeration is required, we recommend our BOPP (biaxially-oriented polypropylene) label material, which comes in white, clear, silver metallic, and rainbow holographic options. BOPP is tear-proof, and resistant to moisture, oil, and most solvents. For a more sophisticated look, textured Estate adhesive food labels are also available. These are widely used for wine and jar labels with minimalist, elegant designs.

For size, you can print labels as small as 0.5” x 1” and as large as 8.5” x 11”. Our label shapes range from the standard square/rectangle, circle, and oval options to more unique shapes such as heart, starburst, hexagon, and lollipop (widely used for sealing jars and bottles). If you have something totally different in mind, our custom shape option lets you upload any design and we’ll trim your labels according to that exact size and shape.

How to Create the Correct Label for Your Product

Food items aren’t limited to snacks baked goods or spreads. Your small business probably also sells beverages, nutritional supplements, or other consumables that need to be sealed and labeled. Refer to the checklist below to ensure all the required components are included in your labels.

  • The name of your food product is the first thing consumers should see on the label.
  • Net weight or quantity is the exact weight of the item.
  • Manufacturer, distributor’s or packer’s name and address that can either be you or your supplier’s information.
  • Nutrition facts that show the serving size, total calories, cholesterol, fats, sodium, total carbohydrates, protein, plus the vitamins and other nutrients of your product.
  • The ingredients list is arranged in the descending order of the items’ predominance. This means the ingredient with the largest weight comes first and the rest follows in the said order.
  • Food allergen label includes any components or protein derivatives of the following groups: milk, egg, fish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts, soybeans, and crustacean shellfish.

It’s easy to personalize labels on our website. Just select your preferred printing specs, upload your design, and we can get your order ready for shipping in as fast as one (1) business day.

Our print geeks can even proof your artwork file for free to make sure it’s print-ready. If you don’t have a design yet, we also provide free print templates you can download to help you get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are your labels microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe?

Yes. We recommend BOPP material if you require labels safe for the microwave, dishwasher, and freezer. This material is made of Polypropylene, a thermoplastic polymer that is used not just for labels but also for microwave-safe food packaging.

Is BOPP food-safe?

BOPP material has low-toxicity, which is why they’re the most popular material for food and cosmetic products. To be safe, we recommend avoiding direct contact between BOPP labels and your food.

What are the four main facts that food labels should tell consumers?

Food labels should tell you the following:
  • Serving size or the number of servings inside the package.
  • Calories or the measure of energy you get from eating the total number of servings.
  • Nutrients or the label that shows the components listed previously.
  • % Daily Value (DV) is the percentage of the listed nutrients in a single service. It is listed in terms of the daily recommended amount.

Are there food products exempt from labeling laws?

Items such as raw vegetables, fruits, and fish do not require food labels and their required components. Foods such as tea and coffee with insignificant or equal to zero of the required nutrients also don’t need labels.

Do all food items require nutrition facts?

Yes, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires the nutrition facts label on all food and beverage packages. Note that in 2016, the FDA announced several changes to this portion. Below is a list of what should be included in your nutrition facts based on the changes:
  • Including the “added sugars” as a category below “total sugars”
  • Larger print for calories and servings per container
  • Listing serving sizes to match the quantity people eat rather than how much they should eat
  • Add vitamin D and potassium to the required list of nutrients.
  • Vitamins A and C are no longer part of the required listed nutrients. Can be included voluntarily.
  • Calories and nutrients for a single serving and a whole package consumed in one sitting.

How fast can you print my food labels?

Cut-to-size labels can be printed in 1 business day. The roll type can be printed in 48 hours or 2 business days. Note that the printing turnaround refers to how long it takes to produce your labels. It does not include the transit time during shipping.

When will I receive my label order?

This depends on your printing turnaround and shipping options. Printing turnaround is the time it takes for us to have your order printed and ready for shipping. To get an estimated delivery date, select your preferred label printing specs and printing turnaround on the order calculator, then input your ZIP code. The calculator automatically shows available shipping options and costs you can choose from.

How do I get my file proofed for free?

Select your preferred printing specs on the order calculator and click Upload Your Artwork. After uploading your design file, select I Want a PDF Proof. Our prepress team will email you with a PDF proof file of your design for approval. We will only begin printing your labels after you approve the proof.

Food Label Templates

Select your preferred label size below to download a ZIP file containing templates formatted in that particular size: