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Stickers and Labels FAQs

  • Indoor and outdoor material options
  • Protective matte, gloss, and high-gloss UV
  • Free online design proof
  • Complimentary file check
  • Quick printing turnarounds
Stickers and Labels

Sticker Options and Materials

Do you make custom-shaped or die-cut stickers and labels?

Yes. We can trim your stickers and labels into any shape you want. For this, you can choose the cut-to-size format. To order custom-shaped stickers, select Custom on the order calculator under the Shape dropdown then indicate your preferred dimensions.

What's the largest and smallest sticker size you can print?

Our largest sticker size is 8.5” x 11” and the smallest size is 0.5” x 1”. Both sizes are only available in roll format.

Can you print on the back side of stickers?

As of now, we do not print on the paper backing of stickers and labels.

What's your standard sticker size?

This depends on your sticker application and the shape you choose. In general, our most popular size is 2” x 4” for rectangular stickers. Other standard sticker shapes that get the most orders are also around 2 inches: 2” x 3.5” for oval and 2.5” diameter for circle.

Can these stickers be removed without leaving residue?

It depends on the surface and how strong your stickers will adhere to them. While stickers are easy to apply, they aren’t always so easy to remove. There are several ways you can remove them without leaving residue, such as applying oil or using a heat gun to loosen the sticker’s adhesive.

Do you have matte and gloss sticker materials?

Yes, most of our sticker and label materials can be customized up to your preferred type of coating. You can check the options available under the Lamination dropdown in the order calculator.

Are your stickers and labels weatherproof?

Yes, we have weatherproof white vinyl material. It is our thickest material and the most durable. It is also tearproof and UV-resistant so they last outdoors for a long time.

Can we print stickers without the white border?

Yes, you can. You can either indicate this request when you upload your design or during the free proofing process we offer before we print the stickers.

Design and Artwork

What size should I build my final sticker artwork in?

Your files must be built to the final trim size plus bleed. This means your files should be 0.25" larger than the product size that you are purchasing. (e.g., 2” x 3.5” business card = 2.25” x 3.75” graphic file).

We recommend that all images used are at least 300 dpi. Submitting files with a lower resolution than 300 dpi can make the image look pixelated and blurry.

How do I send my files?

You can upload your files straight to our website. Just select your preferred sticker printing specs on the order calculator then click Upload Your Artwork.

Can you match the color you see in my image?

Yes. To do this, we require that all graphic files be built using CMYK to ensure color accuracy before being uploaded to the website. Files submitted in RGB or using PMS colors will be converted to CMYK, which could cause a slight color shift in the finished product.

Can you add bleed to my artwork?

Yes. We can adjust your design when you choose the free proofing option after uploading your design.

Why didn't the color print as I expected?

All files submitted for printing must be created using CMYK to best ensure color accuracy. If the files you uploaded are created using RGB, they will be converted to CMYK to print the order on a printing press. This conversion will likely create a slight color shift in the final printed piece.

Please refer to our CMYK Color Chart for color values.

How many colors can I have in my design?

You can design in as many colors as you want. We do full-color printing for stickers and labels.

What does the 4-color process mean?

We use a 4-color process for offset printing. This allows us to print full-color pictures and images using a CMYK set of colors: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black (key). Thousands of colors can be reproduced by overlapping these CMYK colors in various concentrations.

Should my print files be sent in CMYK or RGB mode?

We highly recommend creating your design files in CMYK to ensure color accuracy.

What file types do you accept?

Our preferred file type is PDF, but we also accept JPG, EPS, and TIF files

What if my art is low resolution?

All submitted files must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch). Images with a resolution less than 300 dpi will reproduce poorly and come out pixelated.

If you submit low-resolution files for printing, you will be prompted to replace them with high-resolution images or be asked to sign an online waiver acknowledging that you are aware of the resulting loss of quality and that you will accept the final image as is.

Can I place an order with multiple artworks?

No. We can only print one (1) type of design per order. You can create another sticker order if you wish to print other designs.

Placing an Order

What is the minimum order quantity?

For stickers and labels, the minimum order quantity for both cut-to-size and roll format is 100 pieces.

Do I get a bigger discount if I order a higher quantity?

Yes. The more stickers and labels you print, the lower the cost per piece. Bulk printing is also cheaper because it saves on ink, material, and shipping costs.

Can I get sample stickers?

You can request a free sample kit if you want to compare sticker stocks for your project. This sample kit contains our most popular product and some material swatches. Be sure to indicate in the form the specific materials that you want us to include in your kit.


If I order stickers today, can I get them tomorrow?

This depends on your location and the selected printing turnaround time. Our cut-to-size stickers can be ready for shipping in just one (1) business day. You can also choose to pick them up from our Van Nuys printing facility.

Do you ship outside the US?

For now, we only ship in the US and Canada. If you want to ship to Canada, please contact our customer service at 800-844-0599 to assist with placing your order.

How fast can you get these stickers to me?

This depends on your printing turnaround and shipping time. You can check the estimated delivery date of your order using the order calculator. Just select your preferred printing specs and printing turnaround time, then click Estimate Delivery Date & Shipping Cost. Input your ZIP code and the website automatically generates shipping options and corresponding prices.

What is the 48-Hour Turnaround Guarantee? Is it applicable to my orders?

This depends on your order and the sticker material. The 48-hour turnaround guarantee is available for most of our stickers and labels. We also offer a 24-hour turnaround guarantee for rush orders and a 5-day turnaround guarantee on large quantities and jobs that require time-intensive finishing operations.

Do you offer blind shipping?

Yes, we can ship your order using a return address that you provide, instead of using our address. All blind shipping orders are shipped in a plain box with no advertisements, promotions, or packing slips packed with your order.


Do you accept Purchase Orders (POs)?

Yes, but we are only able to accept purchase orders from schools, universities, and government agencies. In these cases, you must complete a credit application, which can be obtained by contacting a Customer Care Associate by calling 1-800-844-0599.

What are the payment options?

You can pay using your credit/debit card, PayPal account, or a bank-certified check or money order. We do not accept personal, corporate, or any non-bank certified checks.

Will I receive an invoice for my order?

Yes, once your order is complete you will automatically receive a confirmation email along with a PDF invoice. Please be sure to exempt the email address from any spam blocking software that you may have activated.