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Master the Elements for the Best Brochures

Part of the Graphic Designer Survival Kit (aka the Big Box of Awesomeness), the Master the Elements for the Best Brochures Kit is chock-full of tools, samples, and a handy reference chart to help you create awesome brochures.

It has become an extremely popular tool for many of our customers because it includes dummies of all the available folds, from Gate to French, shows different papers and coatings available, and a reference chart with all the panel dimensions. We also use it as a training guide for our new customer care “print geeks” when they come on board.

Packaged in a convenient pocket folder (final size of 6 x 9, which is very handy), this kit contains, among other reference tools:

  • Samples of each of the 8 folding styles available at, conveniently labeled to show, among other things, different coating options available to you (Gloss, Matte and UV)
  • “The Science of Fantastic Folds” Brochure Folding Guide, a fold-out poster illustrating in easy-to-understand diagrams the different folding options and a handy chart on the back with all the panel dimensions for each and every style (a real time-saver for graphic designers)

BONUS FOR YOU: Here’s a downloadable poster that has diagrams of all 8 folding styles available at The back of the poster includes all panel dimensions for you, saving you tons of time and frustration when it comes to the nitty gritty of planning brochure projects (and designing them).

You gotta know how to fold ‘em . . .

This brochure resource kit provides everything you need to know about brochure design and production at -- folding styles, dimensions, stock and coating options, all packaged in a convenient (and kinda cute) 6 x 9 pocket folder

Production Details for You . . .

Packaging – Pocket Folder

This project is packaged in a 6 x 9 pocket folder printed on 14 point C2S Cover Stock in full color (4/4) with overall Gloss coating (most popular choice). It has two folder pockets and nifty horizontal business card slits on the right-hand side. We produced a Classic Business Card (3.5 x 2) to go into the slits as a coupon driver with a special brochure printing promotion (of course). Because we wanted the business card to pop a little more, we chose overall UV coating for it (both sides).

Brochure Samples (folding dummies)

The kit contains samples of all 8 folding styles available at –Single Fold, Tri Fold, French Fold, Roll Fold, Double Gate Fold, Double Parallel Fold and Accordion. All are printed 4/4 (full color CMYK) on 100# Text, some showing different coatings available (Matte, UV and Gloss -- clearly labeled).


Additional Inside Contents Include:

  • Three standard Bookmarks (2 x 6) with rounded corners; each bookmark is printed 4/4 (full color) but with different coatings, to show your options (Gloss, Matte and UV).
  • Brochure Paper Options Folded Card (4.25 x 6) - shows the 80# Cover Stock option for brochures; printed 4/4. This heavier stock is available for all folding options except for French Fold and Double Gate fold brochures. When considering this stock, it’s important to be careful with your design – because if you have heavy ink coverage along the fold cracking along the spine may develop.
  • “The Science of Fantastic Folds” Brochure Folding Guide Poster: 11 x 17 folded (French) down to 5.5 x 8.5. Printed custom 4/4 (color both sides) on 100# Text Gloss.

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