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Project Brief – Business Card Style Selector Tool

Business Card Style Selector Tool

This project (part of the Big Box of Awesomeness) recently won an international Best Printing award.

Production Details for You . . .

Tool to Help You Pick the Perfect Style for Your Business Cards

This project is an oversized postcard that showcases 3 core business card “styles” – Classic, Even-Folded, and Offset Folded business cards. It also includes a production sample of the most popular ‘extra feature’ for business cards at elegant rounded corners.


Product: Large Postcard

8.5 x 11 large postcard printed in full color (4/4) on 14 pt C2S paper with overall UV coating. Custom die-cuts are applied to the postcard, creating business card slits for attaching business cards.

: Business Cards

Four business cards, all printed in full color (4/4) on durable 14 point C2S paper with overall Gloss coating (the most popular coating choice):

  • Classic Business Card – the most popular style we produce. This sample is the common 3.5 x 2 size. Five other awesome sizes available.
  • Even-Folded Business Card – also called a Tent Fold Business Card or Folded Business Card, this style gives you extra space to share more information or images on your business cards. They are 3.5 x 4 flat and, when folded, are 3.5 x 2. (They are scored and folded in half, and shipped flat to you.)
  • Offset-Folded Business Card – this business card is very similar to the Even-Folded Business Card but with a unique feature that makes it a standout: the top panel is cut a bit shorter (a quarter inch) so a portion of your inside designs shows. They are 3.5 x 3.75 flat and, when folded, are 3.5 x 2.Some folks call this a Reveal Fold or a Reveal Folded Business Card. Whatever the name, it’s wicked cool!
  • Classic Business Card with Rounded Corners – this is a sample of a 3.5 x 2 business card with shapely rounded corners, which is available to you as a small upgrade that packs a great impression. Rounded corners can be applied to any of of our business cards.

Steal this Idea
: The postcard has multiple business card slits applied to it so that four business cards can be attached, transforming a postcard into a display device. Learn more about Made 4 Me Custom Quote services, including custom die-cutting and other cool things you can do to make your project more engaging, useful and effective.

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