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This CMYK Reference Poster and Companion Booklet duo has won 4 golds and is soooooo popular. You want to pick the perfect color … the perfect predictable color. These tools provide you the specific CMYK color builds to use to achieve what you want (and shows how they produce on our presses on specific stocks). Handy dandy.

CMYK Reference Poster and Companion Booklet

Yes, pick a color but not ANY color: Discover the formula for print love with this kick-butt project that has become a favorite among graphic designers, creatives, nonprofit development professionals and print buyers.

The CMYK Reference Guide Poster and Companion Booklet project (part of the Big Box of Awesomeness) has racked up 1-2-3-4 …yup, 4 Gold awards in an international printing competition, including: Best Poster Printing, Best Booklet Printing, and two graphic design awards (Best Poster and Best Corporate Identity Special Package).

They are fantastic reference tools that include specific color builds (CMYK values) so you can see what to expect when printing on our presses. Best of all? Both of these pieces are included in our free Sample Kit. Get your new secret weapon for picking CMYK color formulas that will look great in print today.

Production Details for You . . .

Discover the Formula for Print Love CMYK Reference Poster
Product: Custom Poster

This is a custom size poster (17.5 x 23.5 French folded to a final size of 8.75 x 11.75) designed so it can easily fit into a 9 x 12 pocket folder. It’s printed 4/4 (full color both sides) on 100# Text Stock on a sheetfed offset press with overall Gloss coating (gloss and matte coatings are always free).

Our standard posters come printed 4/0, but if you want one like this, printed 4/4 (full color on both sides), we can do that for you. And if you ever need a custom size, fold or other option you don’t see listed on our standard product pages, request a free Made 4 Me Custom Quote.

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Fill Your World With Color CMYK Reference Guide Companion Booklet
Product: Booklet

This is a 20-page booklet (5.5 x 8.5 finished size), saddle-stitched (two staples on the spine). Printed in full color (4/4) on 100# Text Stock with an overall Gloss coating.

More Resources for You
: You can get award-winning booklets in a variety of page counts and finished sizes. We also have nifty square CD Booklets and funky DVD Booklets, which can be used for many different purposes (they look super cute in a Presentation Folder package or as a uniquely sized leave-behind tool for your sales staff). Want to learn more about CMYK? Check out this educational article in’s Print University.