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Bakery Labels

Enhance your customer’s experience with nutritional information, preparation instructions, and product ingredients printed on custom labels. Choose from a wide variety of label sizes, shapes, and materials.

Order bakery labels today, and we can have them ready for shipping in just a few business days.

Bakery Labels

Custom Bakery Labels

Why Print With

Quality Printing That Lasts

We offer quality printing and quick turnarounds for all your business needs.

Big Deals and Discounts!

Choose and enjoy discounts on all types of products.

Bring in More Business With Bakery Labels

Print custom bakery labels for seamless branding across all your products and packaging.

With, it’s easy to personalize custom labels for your baking business. No matter what level of printing and design experience you have, you can easily create and customize them in any style and shape on our website.

Use our online design tool to upload and search for images, add your logo and text, and customize labels according to your branding. We also have downloadable blank templates that you can use with your preferred software design applications.

There’s plenty of ways we can help you make your label designs come to life. Print with us, and we’ll help you create standout stickers and bakery labels that get noticed.

Add Your Logo to Baked Goods and Packaging

Whether you’re selling freshly baked pastries, homemade jams, or coffee-to-go, offers a wide variety of bakery stickers labels for any requirement. We offer personalization options and materials suitable for all types of products and storage requirements. You can ensure these bakery logo labels stick to any surface, such as cake boxes, take-out paper bags, and clear cookie plastic containers.

Seal food packaging with custom labels.

Instead of tape, seal boxes, paper bags, and jars with custom labels of your logo. This gives your products a professional finish and highlights their freshness.

Provide additional product information.

Bakery labels are not just for logo printing. You can also print the ingredients list, preparation and storage instructions, and nutritional information to make it easier for customers to choose what products to buy based on their dietary needs.

Add a touch of luxury.

Promote your baked goods as gifts for special occasions using custom labels. Before you close a box of pastries, wrap them first in branded tissue paper and seal them with a label. Enhancing your product presentation boosts more purchases, especially during the holidays.

Customize Labels With

We guarantee premium printing at competitive prices and a quick and easy ordering experience for our customers.

Customization from start to finish.

Choose from a wide variety of label applications, sizes and shapes, and high-quality materials. Our online order calculator shows all the personalization options available for your chosen product.

Instant price quotes.

No hidden fees here! Our website automatically generates the total cost of your order when you select your preferred printing options. You can even check estimated delivery dates and prices if you type your ZIP code on the order calculator.

Serious savings.

We’re all about having fun, but we don’t joke when it comes to deals and discounts.’s cheap online printing services let you choose the correct print products to fit your budget. Check out all the hottest deals on our website!

Easy design tools.

Aside from our free file templates and our online design tool, we can also review your design file for any technical errors, free of charge! This allows you to make any revisions before your pay and your order goes into production.

Got some questions before getting started? Our print geeks are here to help! Call us at 800-844-0599 or send a message through live chat.


What is the best material for bakery labels?

This depends on the environment your products are stored in. For general indoor applications, premium white sticker paper is a popular option. It comes with a semi-gloss material, but you can add matte or gloss coating for extra protection against moisture. If your products are exposed to water or refrigeration, we recommend white vinyl and BOPP material. Waterproof white vinyl comes with a UV-resistant high-gloss coating that enhances color saturation. BOPP labels are oil-resistant and suitable for products that require refrigeration.

Can I write on these bakery labels?

Yes, we offer uncoated materials you can write on. You can choose from white sticker paper, white premium sticker, and Estate adhesive paper if you want to write on your jar labels.

How do I make a custom-shaped label?

Select Custom under the Shape dropdown options in the order calculator, then add your preferred label dimensions. This option lets us trim the label according to the exact size and shape of your design.

Do you offer free label samples?

If you’re unsure what type of label material to order, you can request a free sample kit of our most popular products. This allows you to compare label materials and see which works best for your project. Let us know if you want to see a specific format, configuration, product, or material, and we’ll include that in your package.