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Metallic Hang Tags

  • Metallic accent for hang tags that glimmer
  • Add spot UV to highlight your business logo
  • 9 hang tag sizes to choose from
16 pt. Cardstock
Metallic on Front
1/8" (Standard)
6 Business Days
Coupon code LOVEMETALTAGS is applied.
Promo Price $286.04

Dazzle Customers With Metallic Hang Tags

Metallic hang tag printing is a process where silver ink is applied underneath regular colors. This results in hang tags that glisten. Unlike in foil printing, a metallic finish can be applied to a wide range of colors, leaving you with more creative options.

Tough and Pretty

Metallic print hang tags make use of 16 pt. cardstock, one of our thickest materials.

  • Durable material that won’t bend or get damaged easily
  • Thick material that looks and feels like a premium product
  • Perfectly suited for high-end product offerings

It’s All About the Bling

Make your printed metallic hang tags look even more special by adding spot UV. This special coating is applied to specific areas of your design that you want your customers to pay extra attention to.

  • Great for highlighting logos and other important details
  • Also known as spot gloss and selective UV
  • Adds luster to simple hang tag designs

Hang Tags: It’s Alright to Be Square

We offer square and rectangular full-color metallic hang tags, with square being the most popular shape. Here’s a list of all the sizes we offer.

  • Rectangle – 1.5” x 3.5”, 1.75” x 3.5”, 2” x 3.5”, 2” x 4”, 2” x 6”
  • Square – 2” x 2” (most popular size), 2.5” x 2.5”, 3” x 3”, 3.5” x 3.5”

Show Your Hang Tags Some Love

There are coating options you can add on top of your metallic hang tags to add a layer of protection against dust and moisture.

  • Gloss Both Sides
  • High Gloss UV Both Sides
  • High Gloss UV Front, Gloss Back

See our hang tag marketing tips for helpful information on how to get started.


Is turnaround time the same as shipping time?

No. Turnaround time simply refers to the number of business days it takes to print metallic hang tags. Shipping time is not included.

What’s the difference between UV coating (UV both sides and UV front) and spot UV?

Spot UV is applied to a specific part of your design to draw attention to details. UV coating is applied to the entire hang tag.

Can spot UV be applied to any part of my design?

Yes. However, we strongly advise that the font size be at least 9 pt. to see the full effect.


Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: