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The Step-by-Step Guide to Using Our Banner Design Templates

Step 1: Sign up for a account

Having your own account lets you save your designs and checkout details. If you already have an existing account, log in first!

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 2: Browse through our wide selection of banner design templates in the Banner Template page

Our banner design templates are categorized according to size, style, event, and industry. You’ll surely find one that fits your requirements!

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 3: Click “Customize” on your preferred design

You will be redirected to our beginner-friendly online design tool where you can tweak your chosen banner design template as much as you like!

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 4: Use the built-in customization functionalities in the online tool

Our design tool is created for business owners and marketers with little to no design background so they can easily create print-ready artworks. The tool allows you to:
  • Change the background color
  • Choose from any of our multiple fonts
  • Add text
  • Add custom shapes
  • Upload images from your own computer
  • Use photos from our stock image library

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 5: Preview and save your design

Click “Preview” to check your progress. You can also toggle the grid lines and rulers to ensure that all elements are aligned and are in their proper positions. Once you’re done with your design, click “Proceed to Order”.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download your banner design templates so I can work on them using an external design software?

Our banner design templates can only be customized through our online tool. You can also submit a design created using a different software – just click “Upload Your Artwork” in the product calculator.

Can I save my design if I can’t finish it right away?

Yes, but you will need to have a account to do so.

What are the customizable areas of the banner design template?

The template is marked with bleed lines to ensure that all your elements are within the print zone during designing.

Do you send a design proof before printing the final artwork?

You can request for a complimentary proof before checkout. If you choose this option, we would need your approval to proceed with printing after we’ve sent you the PDF proof.

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