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If I order a job with Mailing Services, can you just print and inkjet the addresses and ship the job back to me for mailing instead of mailing it yourself?

Yes, you may choose the option to have us only print the job and inkjet the addresses when ordering any print job with Mailing Services. Simply select the Do Not Mail - Only Inkjet Addresses option under the Postage Rate section of the ordering process. This option is available after you have selected the green "Continue to Mailing Options" button on the product page.

Do you guarantee that my mailing lists will remain confidential?

We do guarantee that all Mailing Lists will remain confidential.  In fact we have a Mailing Nondisclosure Agreement that can be signed by our company putting this guarantee in writing.  For more details please review our Terms & Conditions

How do we know what the cost for postage will be?

Unfortunately we cannot give an exact postage quote until the order is completed and a mailing list is uploaded and certified to determine the number of deliverable addresses.  We can, however, give you a rough estimate of postage per piece, which may vary, higher or lower, depending on the amount of sorting that is needed. Rates are current as of June 1, 2015.


Product type

Postal Service

Postage Rate Range

4.25x5.5 Postcard

4x6 Postcard

4.25x6 Postcard

First Class Rate

Non-Profit Rate

$0.260 - $0.298

$0.147 - $0.194




5x7 Postcard

5.5x8.5 Postcard

6x9 Postcard

6x11 Postcard

8.5x11 Tri-Fold Brochure

8.5x11 Single-Fold Brochure

10x7 Folded Card

8.5x11 Folded Card

First Class Letter Rate

Standard Letter Rate

Non Profit Rate

$0.391 - $0.461

$0.266 - $0.319

$0.147 - $0.194



11x17 Single-Fold Brochure

8.5x11 Postcard

First Class Letter Rate

Standard Letter Rate

Non Profit Rate

$0.470 - $0.821

$0.392 - $0.597

$0.249 - $0.447



5.5x8.5 Folded Card

First Class Letter Rate

Standard Letter Rate

Non Profit Rate


$0.266 - $0.319

$0.181 - $0.208




11x17 Tri-Fold Brochure

First Class Letter Rate

Standard Letter Rate

Non Profit Rate


$0.491 - $0.709

$0.321 - $0.584




International: (up to 1 oz.)





First Class Rate

First Class Rate

First Class Rate





What file format does my mailing list need to be?

We accept Excel; Access; Comma Delimited; & Dbase file formats.  Please review our Mailing List Guidelines before uploading your mailing list to ensure there are no delays.

What happens when there are fewer addresses for a direct mail order than the number of postcards?

During the order process you will be asked if you want any extras shipped back to you, in which case you will be asked to provide a shipping address, or you can elect to have the extras discarded. If you elect to have the extras shipped to you, these will be delivered via Ground shipping and the cost for the shipping will be displayed to you at the time your postage quote is calculated.

How do I submit my mailing list?

Just log into your My Account and click on the Job History link.  Find the job number and click on the View Details link.  You will then see a link that says Upload Mailing Lists

When submitting a file for your mailing services, do I need to provide indicia or will you take care of that?

When designing your file all you need to do is leave the area where the indicia will go blank.  We will apply the correct indicia for mailing.  Please review the Postal Requirements for further details on how your file should be designed

How do I pay for postage?

Once you upload your mailing list our system will determine the number of deliverable addresses as well as determine the required sorting. Based upon the number of deliverable addresses and the postage class you selected a postage quote is provided with instructions for making payment online.

Does your mailing services cost include postage?

No, the pricing quoted on our Mailing Services section of the web site does not include postage. It does, however, include processing one mailing list (charges may apply for additional lists), CASS certification (standardizes addresses, adds zip+4 and post net barcode), NCOA (National Change of Address) database review, presorting, USPS documentation, Ink Jet setup/addressing, and delivery to the Post Office.

Will my job meet U.S. Postal Service regulations?

The U.S. Postal Service Office does require that all postcards being mailed meet certain requirements.  The file uploaded will be reviewed by our Prepress staff to determine whether it will meet the outlined requirements.  If for some reason the design will not meet the requirements of the U.S. Postal Service you will receive notification via email.

A corrected file can then be re-uploaded at no charge.  A $25 file submission fee will apply if any further corrected files need to be uploaded.


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