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Cheap Stickers

  • Available in rolls, cut-to-size, and sheets
  • Customize shapes, sizes, and materials
  • Quick and hassle-free turnaround
Create Cheap Stickers

Cheap Stickers to Suit Any Budget

Looking for unique ways to promote your brand without breaking the bank? Print cheap stickers that look great and you can easily incorporate into your promotions. Cost-effective and convenient, stickers are perfect for labels, packaging, and giveaways.

People love stickers—especially cheap stickers with a cool design—and will place them on anything, including notebooks, bins, equipment cases, laptops, and so much more.

Make the most of cheap sticker printing with fancy artwork or catchy one-liners that will entice customers to put your stickers on personal items. These inexpensive stickers are far from flimsy as they are made of weather-resistant and durable materials like BOPP and vinyl. To make them last even longer, choose high-gloss UV coating for the added benefit of making colors appear more vibrant.

Ordering custom stickers is easy with Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and durable materials. Print budget-friendly custom stickers just the way you like it.

Not sure what to get? Here are some of your options:

  • Cut-to-size stickers are best for promotional materials, as you can quickly hand out individually pre-cut stickers to customers. They’re available in four different shapes: circle, oval, rectangle, and square.
  • Roll stickers are recommended for bulk printing. They are easy to store and make great product labels. You can apply them manually or use a dispenser for faster application. Roll stickers are suitable for product packaging.
  • Sticker sheets stack neatly and are ideal for packaging. We recommend cheap sticker sheets for smaller orders.

Make the most of cheap sticker printing with fancy artwork or catchy one-liners that will entice customers to put your stickers on personal items. Custom sticker printing is easy with’s online design tool.

You can also choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and other options. Print budget-friendly custom stickers just the way you like it. Order from today.

Why Print With

Impress Them With Stickers That Last

Give clients unique promotional materials that stick around. These affordable stickers are self-adhesive and durable.

Get Those Stickers Fast

Make labels that will win hearts over. Create cheap stickers with fast printing turnaround.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How quickly can I get my cheap stickers printed?

A: Some stickers are printed in just one business day. It’s important to know that printing turnaround is the time it takes to produce your order. You can quickly get an estimate of the delivery date after selecting your printing options.

Q: What do you mean by turnaround time?

A: We offer a wide range of sizes. These are the most popular choices: Turnaround time refers to the number of business days it takes to print your stickers. It does not cover shipping time.

Q: What are your most durable stickers?

A: Vinyl stickers are weather-resistant and ideal for outdoor use. BOPP can be used for food labels and car bumper stickers. This material is resistant to water, moisture, oil, and refrigeration.

Q: Can I get cheap stickers with rounded corners?

A: Yes, rounded corners can be applied on the edges of your sticker shape. The corner measures 1/4" in radius.

Q: What kind of coating do you recommend for cheap custom stickers?

A: Apply matte coating if you need a smooth surface for a more sophisticated look. Gloss coating makes the colors of your logo pop, the messaging stand out and does not absorb fingerprints. For heavy handling and multiple touches, high gloss UV works best.

Q: What’s the best material for printing cheap stickers?

A: It depends which type of cheap custom stickers you’re printing and how you’ll be using them. Sticker sheets are printed on 60 lb. laser adhesive.

For cut-to-size stickers:

  • White paper sticker material is recommended for indoor use.
  • White vinyl sticker, which is waterproof, is a great option for outdoor use.

For roll stickers there are four paper options:
  • White premium sticker paper is ideal for indoors, but not in cold environments.
  • White BOPP can withstand exposure to water, moisture, oil, and refrigeration.
  • Silver metallic BOPP is oil, water, and chemical resistant. It’s an affordable alternative to metallic paper.
  • Clear BOPP is a transparent material. It’s waterproof, oil-resistant, and can withstand refrigeration.