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Trade Show Booth Checklist

Written by Elisha Yvonne Velasco    ●    Published on May 25, 2022

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Going to a trade show can be an overwhelming yet fun experience for entrepreneurs. While it is the best opportunity to showcase a business’ goals and objectives, attracting attendees and transforming exhibit booths into the event’s highlight can also be a challenge.

If you’re a trade show rookie who wants to learn how to make your booth effective, here’s a checklist and helpful advice for your business to make a lasting impression.

Choose a Theme

Before displaying anything in your trade show booth, you need to carefully plan the theme you’re going for. What aesthetic do you want attendees to see? Do you want to set up a fun or informative booth? How about combining both? Following a theme for your booth will serve as the glue for the concept and design of your display materials. It will also make your booth easier to remember than having multiple concepts and making the space look cluttered.

Save Some Space for Foot Traffic

Keep in mind that the goal of a trade show is to invite people into your booth. Allot enough space for attendees to explore your kiosk and view the displays. If possible, remove any obstacles to encourage your potential customers to interact with you and your display. Allow them to walk in and out of the booth freely without bumping into large cases, counters, or pedestals.

See the Signs

Once your theme is covered, ensure that you have multiple signs ready to be propped up. To enhance your booth’s appearance, use banners, posters, and other trade show displays to grab the attention of potential buyers.

Don’t know what type of banner or sign to use for your event? Here are a few recommendations:

  • Retractable Banners – Also known as pull-up banners, retractable banners are durable and made of waterproof poly film material. These come with a stand and frame and retract in one smooth motion. 33.5” x 79” is the commonly used size, providing enough width and height for banners with large images and targeted blocks of text.
  • Fabric Banners – These banners add a vibrant touch to indoor and outdoor promotions. These are made of polyester fabric and do not easily tear apart. You can hang these from the ceiling, on the wall, or on banner stands so that attendees can immediately see them at the venue. The popular size choices are 4’ x 8’ for standard and 8’ x 10’ for messages that need to be noticed more.
  • Step and Repeat Banners – Used mainly as a photo backdrop with logos printed in a pattern. If you want attendees to remember your brand, this is a perfect choice. These banners can be made of either poly film or white vinyl. 10’ x 8’ is the popular choice since it’s the widest and can fit a large group in a photo.
  • Vinyl Banners – Practical and affordable, these banners are made using high-grade vinyl materials. The popular size choice for trade shows, fairs, and conventions is 4’ x 6’, which is good for visibility.
  • Pop-up Displays – A popular choice for any event because they stand out and attract traffic. Made of machine-washable and scratch-resistant fabric, they are collapsible, portable, and easy to assemble. These are also reusable, which is why they’re one of the top picks for trade shows. The most commonly used sizes are 8 ft. and 10 ft. frames.
  • Tension Fabric Stands – These are made of reusable polyester fabric that makes colors pop with bright and bold graphics. These banners are propped up using an industrial-grade aluminum structure. You can also add LED lighting to make the sign stand out and draw more attention to customers.
  • X-banner Stands – Made of durable white vinyl, these banners are easy to replace. Primarily used as marketing displays at trade shows or for product details and promotions. Many use 24” x70”, which makes any message stand out even from afar.
  • Tabletop Banners – Made of poly film material, these are smaller versions of retractable banners. Add tabletop banners to your trade show booth to inform attendees about your brand’s services.
  • Table Banners – Made of premium vinyl materials, these banners are used to give attendees an idea of what your business does even before they approach your booth. At trade shows, logos, slogans, or descriptions of products and services are printed on them. These can be placed in front of the table or as a table cover.

Other Trade Show Must-Haves

Aside from using signs, you need other materials to enhance the look of your trade show booth. Here are a few examples:

  • Visual Aids and Other Media – Add media to pique attendees’ interest in your business. Present a slideshow, demonstration, or video clips to engage visitors.
  • Promotional Items – Offer customized giveaways like pens, mugs, keychains, and tote bags with your logo or slogan to boost brand visibility and keep attendees coming to your booth.
  • Business Cards – Print out business cards with your address, contact details, social media accounts, etc., to help prospective customers reach out to you after the trade show.
  • Containers and Organizers – Keep your booth organized and tidy with storage containers, stands, jars, or boxes to display your products and promotional items.
  • Lighting – Use LED lights to highlight your display materials. Add backlights, stem lights, or color-changing lights to create a memorable visual experience.
  • Wiring Equipment – If your booth relies on electricity, ensure you have enough extension cords and power strips to use technology in displaying media.
  • Supplies Box – Bring supplies to fix your booth in case some signs or display components start to fall apart. Pack tape, pens, rubber bands, staplers, scissors, and glue—anything that can be used for emergencies.

When it comes to trade shows, think memorability. Although the preparations can be overwhelming, creating a pleasant and memorable experience for attendees will help you gain new connections, boost brand recognition, and improve customer retention.

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