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Renting a Mailing List

You can rent a one time use Residential or Commercial mailing list from for an additional cost. The price for renting a mailing list is based on the quantity of the order as well as whether you want a Residential or Commercial list. Renting either a Residential or Commercial mailing list may delay your order depending on how specialized you want the list.

Please note that once a mailing list has been processed it is immediately destroyed.

Renting Residential List 

For residential lists you will be asked to select the following information during the order process:

Household Income 
Zip Codes

Renting Commercial List 

For Commercial lists you will be asked to select the following information during the order process:

Number of Employees 
Sales Volume 
Zip Codes

Turnaround Time 

After order submission, we will need 2-3 business days to generate the mailing list based on the criteria you provided during the order process.

Once the mailing list has been created, the results or List Counts will be submitted for ink jetting if the criteria meets the quantity ordered. If the List Counts are less than the quantity ordered you will be contacted and given the opportunity to make adjustments to the criteria so as to equal the quantity ordered. Adjusting the list search criteria will add additional processing time. This will not, however, add any additional cost.

Mailing Service orders take 4 business days from proof approval for quantities of 10,000 or fewer and 7 business days for quantities greater than 10,000 to drop the order at the local Post Office in Cleveland, OH. There are some factors, however, that you should be aware of that could affect the mailing order turnaround, including:

  • It can take up to 24 hours for the proof to be generated and if the proof is approved by 8 pm EST the order will go to print that evening. If approved after 8 pm EST the order will go to print on the next business day, excluding weekends and holidays.

  • It will take two to five business days for printing/drying the postcard; folded card; or brochure depending on quantity ordered & if tabbing will be required.

  • It will take an additional two business days for ink jetting and other USPS required services before the mailer will be ready to drop.

  • The design file(s) must meet USPS mailing regulations. Click on our guideline templates to ensure the USPS regulations are met.

Non-Profits may qualify to receive discount postage rates.

Please note that postage is a separate payment and is not included in the price paid at the time of order. Postage is determined once we have a mailing list and it has been processed to determine the number of deliverable addresses.