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Mailing Services and Direct Mail Printing Information

What is the turnaround time for mailing my direct mail printing job?

If you submit a mailing list along with your prepaid order, your direct mail printing job will drop in the mail 4 business days from proof approval for quantities of 10,000 or fewer. Quantities greater than 10,000 will drop in the mail 7 business days from proof approval. This assumes that your direct mail printing job includes a list that is error free and that you have paid for all applicable postage. If you are mailing using a Non-Profit Rate for postage, the approval process can take an additional 3-5 business days. Please remember that we must receive your mailing list and proof approval no later than 4 days prior to your preferred mailing date.

What are the delivery times for First Class and Standard Rate mailings?

Standard mailings can have large variations in delivery times. These fluctuations occur based on the time of year, volume of mail being processed, and other variables. Standard rate mailings take considerably longer to deliver at peak times, such as holidays. If your direct mail printing project has time sensitive material, please consider planning ahead and mailing early or upgrading your mailing to first class.

* All First Class and Standard Rate direct mail printing jobs originate from Arlington, TX

* Please note we accept credit cards; certified bank checks; and money orders for all postage payments. Personal checks; company checks; and non-bank certified checks cannot be accepted.

* Estimated delivery times for direct mail printing jobs using First Class rates originating from Arlington, TX