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Car Stickers

  • Advertise your business, nonprofit, products, services, and more
  • Printed on waterproof fabric or white vinyl
  • Resistant to fingerprints, rubs, and scuffs
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Print Custom Car Stickers and Advertise on the Road

Car stickers are a fantastic way to promote your brand or message. They get a lot of exposure as people drive through town or go on a long road trip.

Our custom car stickers are easy to apply to any surface. Better yet, you can remove and reposition them without leaving behind any messy residue. These car decal stickers look great on car windows, bumpers, and doors.

Give car stickers to customers, employees, and people who stop by your booth at a convention or trade show. They’re fun giveaways that give back through advertising.

We print custom car stickers that will last a long time. They’re durable and waterproof. Thanks to protective gloss coating, our car stickers are also resistant to fingerprints, rubs, and scuffs.

Customize your car stickers today. We offer a wide range of sizes. Just download our free templates or design online. If you already have final artwork, go ahead and upload it. We recommend getting a PDF proof. Why not? It’s free!

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Easy Peel and Apply

Our car stickers are super easy to install with the split liner back. Just peel and apply. Make sure to clean and dry the surface before applying it.

Big Discounts

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Car Sticker FAQs

Q: Is there an additional cost when using the sticker maker to customize my car stickers?

A: No, our sticker maker is easy and free to use with every order of custom stickers.

Q: Will the ink on my car stickers run off in the rain?

A: No, not at all. Our car stickers are printed on your choice of 11.9 mil. fabric or 4 mil. white vinyl. Both materials are waterproof. The UV gloss coating is another layer of weather protection. It’s resistant to fingerprints, rubs, and scuffs, too.

Q: What are the most common car sticker sizes available?

A: We offer a wide range of sizes. These are the most popular choices:

  • 3” x 3” is a small car sticker that’s most visible in the rear window.
  • 10” wide and below are great for branding because they’re wide enough to accommodate a company logo and the company name.
  • Wider than 10” work well for a long block of text, making it great for messages and slogans.