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Double Parallel Fold Brochures

  • Folded in half twice with 4 panels on each side
  • 3 sizes to choose from
  • Ideal for larger brochures with a lot of content
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Double Your Content With Double Parallel Brochures

A double parallel fold brochure is folded twice in the center, giving you eight panels to communicate your message. It’s unique because it lets you tell a story two ways: 1) through the folded panels, and 2) through the center spread. The folded panels are perfect for a detailed look on specific products and services, while the center spread can be an well-rounded overview of the company.

Double parallel fold brochures provide double the promotional options. Create your design panel by panel or spread it out across multiple panels. double parallel fold brochures let you create high-impact marketing pieces that can fit in a pocket or display rack, be mailed to prospects, or left behind for ongoing impact. Even in an age of Internet promotions, customers and prospects enjoy the hands-on connection delivered by high quality printed materials.

With your double parallel fold brochure printing order, we double our efforts to make sure we get it right! You get high quality printing and more for your budget at And our online brochure printing services come with an industry-leading 48 Hour Turnaround Guarantee for orders of up to 5,000 brochures.

Brochure Paper Selections

Preserving the environment is important to us here at All of our full-color brochures are printed on recycled paper. Recycled paper is our standard stock, at no extra cost to you. This delivers great double parallel fold brochure printing results on paper that is brighter and more uniform in color. Choose from the following paper stock options:

A bifold brochure is a single piece of paper folded in half, creating a booklet appearance. This gives you a total of four pages and is the simplest fold option for brochures. Bifold is best used to showcase one or two products since the number of pages is limited, but the internal panels give you a wide area to get creative with your design.

  • 70 lb. paper is the thinnest option for brochure printing. It comes uncoated, making it perfect for writing on with ballpoint pens and permanent ink markers. It’s the best choice for bulk brochures to reduce printing and mailing costs.

  • 80 lb. paper has the same feel as a magazine page. It’s lightweight yet weighty enough to hold its shape. Ideally used during events and tradeshows.

  • 100 lb. paper has a substantial heft to it that gives brochures a premium elegance. Choose between a matte or gloss finish. Left uncoated, it is writable with a ballpoint pen or permanent ink marker.

  • 10 pt. cardstock is the thickest material we have for brochures. Because of its thickness, it is scored to allow for folding. This material is the best choice for showcasing premium products.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is double parallel fold?
A double parallel fold is a brochure type where the paper is folded in half right down the middle, the folded again, forming two parallel folds that go in the same direction. The number of panels lets you give a more in-depth presentation of information.

What is the recommended size for a double parallel fold brochure?
The size of a brochure depends on your design and content but the most popular for double parallel fold is 14” x 8.5”. The wider area gives you more space to work with and doesn’t cramp content.

What’s the difference between flat size and folded size?
The flat size of a brochure refers to the actual size of the unfolded paper stock, while the folded size is the actual brochure in its folded form and ready to distribute.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: