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Roll Fold Brochures

  • Each panel is rolled into the cover panel
  • Consists of 4 panels per side, each smaller than the cover panel
  • Choose from 3 sizes
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Organized Reading With Roll Fold Brochures

Roll fold brochures get their name from how the folds simulate the act of rolling up the paper. Similar to a spiral, a flat paper sheet is folded inward from one end a number of times until you arrive to the other end. Each folded panel is smaller than the main panel or cover. Roll fold brochures are great in telling a complete narrative as you unfold each page.

Roll fold brochure printing reveals one exciting panel of visuals and messaging after another. This can be a very effective way to build excitement about your business or organization, or unveil a service or production process that will have your customers and prospects eager to see what’s next. Available in a variety of sizes, roll fold brochures can get people to sit up and take notice of whatever you are promoting.

For tips on using promotional brochures, check out our brochure marketing ideas and learn about the benefits of our brochure marketing mailings. Review our brochure templates for layout guidelines that will help keep your print job on schedule.

At, you can be confident of outstanding printing quality – at very affordable prices. Our online brochure printing services come with an industry-leading 48 Hour Turnaround Guarantee for quantities of 5,000 or fewer brochures.

Paper Stock Selections offers four different paper stocks to choose from. Each material has its own unique strengths and characteristics that will help your brochure hit the right notes.

  • 70 lb. paper is a bright white, uncoated paper that’s ideal for bulk brochures. It’s lightweight, easy to fold, and the surface can be written on using a ballpoint pen or a permanent ink marker.

  • 80 lb. paper looks just like a page from a magazine. Choose between a matte coat which is perfect for text-heavy designs, or a gloss finish which is better for brochures full of colorful images.

  • 100 lb. paper is the most popular brochure material. It’s lightweight but durable enough to hold its shape even when placed inside a bag.

  • 10 pt. cardstock is as thick as a book cover and is best used for premium products and high-end services such as architectural firms and interior design consultancy.

Preserving the environment is important to All of our full-color brochures which feature a variety of folds are printed on recycled paper. Recycled paper is our standard stock, at no extra cost to you. This delivers excellent roll fold brochure printing results on paper that is brighter and more uniform in color.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a roll fold brochure?

A roll fold brochure is a type of fold where one end of a flat sheet of paper is folded inward numerous times until you get to the other end. Usually, a roll fold brochure has four panels but the total number of panels will depend on your design and paper size.

What effect does high-gloss UV have on brochures?

Adding a high-gloss UV finish on your roll fold brochures improves both the print and its durability. The high-gloss finish makes the colors on your brochures more vivid and eye-catching while the coat protects it from scratches and scuffs.

How soon can I receive my roll fold brochures?

We can have roll fold brochures printed and ready in just one business day. You can view the estimated shipping cost and delivery date on the product page itself. Enter your ZIP code and you’ll see a selection of turnaround and delivery options.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: