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Brochure Maker

  • Create brochures to showcase products and services
  • Choose from a wide range of folds to highlight information
  • Customize with easy-to-follow brochure templates
Make Brochures

Brochure Maker: Create Stunning, Informative Brochures

Use our free brochure maker to print custom brochures. Attract customers with an eye-catching design. Keep their attention with an easy-to-follow layout that highlights the products and services you offer.

To use our online brochure maker, just go to the Create48 brochure design page. Search through our awesome collection of brochure design templates and select one to customize.

The online brochure maker opens where you can upload images, search from 90+ million stock images, and customize your brochures until you’re satisfied.

Folding Options for Powerful Messaging

Choose from 2, 3, and 4-panels in a variety of folds to present your products and services in a way that’s easy to follow and informative.

Premium Printing Materials

Brochures are printed on your choice of premium paper or cover stock to ensure your design looks fantastic.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I decide what kind of coating is best for my custom brochures?

A: A gloss or UV coating looks best with a design that includes images with bright colors. It enhances the colors and makes the images appear to pop off the page. Gloss also resists moisture and abrasion, so it’s recommended for brochures that will be handled by many people.

Matte coating doesn’t have any glare, which makes it ideal for text-heavy brochures.

Q: How do I determine the best way to fold my brochures?

A: Great question! Check out our Brochure Folding Guide to see all the folding options in detail so you can create a design that spotlights your products and services to the fullest.

Q: Which paper should I choose?

A: To help you decide on the best paper choice for your custom brochures, here are descriptions of best uses for each one:

  • 70 lb. text is bright white, uncoated paper that’s excellent for writing and is 3.5x heavier than regular copy paper.
  • 80 lb. text is an economical, lightweight coated paper suitable for distribution and handing out at an event.
  • 100 lb. text is a thick, premium coated paper with high durability. The brochure is more likely to have less creases and no tears even after being stored in the receiver's bag.
  • 100 lb. cover is the thickest cardstock and material available. It’s recommended for those who want a premium finish and high-end look to their brochure.

Q: How fast can I get my brochures printed?

A: Some brochures are printed in one business day. It’s important to know that printing turnaround is the time it takes to produce your order. You can quickly get an estimate of the delivery date when you select your printing options.