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Press Kit Printing - We have you covered

From a great looking pocket folder printing to house all your materials, to high quality sell sheet printing, letterhead printing, flyers, CD wallets, and business card printing - has everything you need to produce eye catching press kit printing today.

Getting Started

Whether you are a local band that is looking to get further recognition, or a company launching a new offering, or publicizing an entire line of products, having a well conceived Press Kit (or P.R. Kit if you prefer), is a good place to start.

Using press kit printing to promote your offering to people that are likely to know you, or a group of perfect strangers – the same basic principles apply. Making it look good is essential, but making sure there is enough "steak with the sizzle", is even more vital. With thoughtful design, and high quality products from a company like, your press kit printing can go from being a hit, to a home run.

Here are some things to consider when planning an effective press kit printing project.

Maintain consistency in both design and narrative

Whether you are adding a new piece to an extensive product line, or introducing yourself for the first time, make sure your story and your press kit printing and design compliment one another. With a million design options, and myriad colors and images – it is easy to get carried away with design. But if you are a grass roots company or an actor looking for your first break – clean, simple, classy press kit printing is the way to go.

Staying on message is vital

You can add as many glossy pictures, demo CDs and other additions as you like, but make sure you don't forget the basic pieces that are vital to every press kit printing project. These include:

Another great idea is to add an FAQ of some sort to your press kit printing job. This will make things easier and more user friendly for people who receive your kit, and will show that you are thoughtful and interested in a clear, straightforward discourse.

Back up your kit with more detailed information online

The value of well conceived press kit printing is in providing potential clients and customers something concrete to hold onto. At the same time, many aspect of your PR campaign are ever changing. Having an online companion to your press kit will help to synchronize the information, and allow you update things like new publicity you have received, or new product images that have been recently added.

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