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A Print Story . . .

About Think Design

Think Design is a full-service design studio founded in 1999, providing branding and design consultation and services to a variety of industries, including technology, education, healthcare, financial services and not-for-profit. Jacqueline Stahle, principal of Think Design, has more than 15 years of experience in the graphic design field. She serves as creative director and designer for all projects.

High Quality or the Highway

Why Choosy Designers Choose

A Designer's Dilemma: The Leap to Online Printing

As a specialist in business identity Jacqueline Stahle depends upon print service providers to faithfully deliver her design intent.

"For some clients, I develop everything, from the logo and tagline to business cards , stationery , brochures and annual reports," she says. "Some clients join me midstream in the branding process and others want a completely new look. Regardless of where they are in the process, they all demand high quality and consistent color that makes the most of the designs and protects brand integrity." Stahle had been regularly using several printers within a two-hour radius of her office in Exeter, New Hampshire.

"It can be kind of a hassle working conventionally with a printer, especially for the smaller jobs," she says. "But I was leery of using online printers. Even though it can be more convenient, I worried about getting the high quality my customers demand, and I wanted to be able to talk to someone live if there was a problem. Anyone who shops on the Internet knows that customer service can be a mixed bag for companies that operate entirely online."

Getting to Know 48HourPrint

One of Stahle's design clients joined the executive staff of and encouraged her to try out their services. "Quite honestly, I was reluctant," she says. "But we had a great relationship and I decided to give it a try."

Stahle started with a few small projects and provided honest feedback on the quality she received.

As the company matured, she saw a dramatic improvement in quality and began using for more of her work.

"As time went by, they gained my trust," she says. "There were very few hiccups, and never any in customer service. I knew if I had a problem, I could call them and it would be fixed. Because they are able to deliver the quality I need, and because of the convenience of working with them online, I just kept using them. The more they earned my trust, the bigger the jobs I would print with them. This started in 2006, and we are still working together today."

Affordable Mailing Services and Custom Products

Today, Stahle is printing brochures , business cards , stationery and folded note cards that clients use for invitations, as well as doing some custom work that requires more bells and whistles.

"About 70% of the work I do with {48HourPrint} is based on standard products, with the other 30% being custom jobs," she says. "All of their products are great - I haven't been disappointed with anything, nor have my clients. As long as my clients are happy, I am happy. And the customer service is unbeatable."

Stahle has also been very happy with mailing services . Previously, she was using local mailing houses.

"I had three projects last summer where I used a local mailing house, thinking it would be less expensive," Stahle says. "When I got the invoice, there was an unexpected fee tacked on that includes as part of its standard service, making the local house more expensive!"

Many of Stahle's non-profit clients also require the use of an in-State indicia, she reports, adding,"This is another area where's flexibility and focus on customer service really comes in handy. We simply print the in-State indicia on the piece, and ships the mailing to a New Hampshire post office for placement in the mail stream. I can continue to use their competitive and convenient services while also addressing important customer requirements."

"Another great thing is that since is also printing my pieces, I also don't have the expense and delay of transferring printed pieces from the printer to a mailing house," she says. "Especially when looking at combined print and mail, is extremely competitive."

Continuing Education, Unbeatable Customer Service

Stahle has also attended two customer advisory councils held at the company's headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts.

"For these events, the company invites several customers to discuss current and future product offerings," she explains. "They sincerely want our feedback in an effort to continue to improve their services. It is also a two-way street—they learn from us, and we learn from them. I always leave invigorated from being in the room with such knowledgeable people that truly care about customer service and the products they are offering. My experience is that satisfies customers far above and beyond any other printer I have ever worked with."

"I also must add a comment about my sales rep, Marc Edmundson," concludes Stahle. "As a small business, I can assure you that print and mail houses are not spending a lot of time calling on me, even as a lapsed customer. One of the key reasons I love working with is that Marc is always just a phone call away. When I speak with other customers in the area, they say the same thing. We wonder how he gets it all done!

I can guarantee you I don't get customer service like that anywhere else, no matter which printer or mail house I use."