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Cheap Posters

  • Cost-effective marketing tool
  • Durable, high-quality materials
  • Printed in full color
  • Water-resistant options
  • Quick printing turnaround

Popular Posters

Quality Materials You Can Rely On

Cheap posters don’t have to feel cheap. 48HourPrint offers high-quality poster materials that won’t break the bank. Choose one that fits your needs best.

  • 80 lb. text is our thinnest and most lightweight poster material. Strictly for indoor use only.
  • 100 lb. text feels more substantial and gives your posters a premium feel. Perfect for premium branding.
  • 14 pt. cardstock is as thick and sturdy as greeting cards. Use for posters that need a little more heft.
  • Photo paper makes every detail of your posters pop. Choose this material if you need high-quality images worthy of framing.
  • White PVC board has the flexibility of indoor and outdoor use. It is waterproof and, with proper handling, can last for years.
  • 20 mil. Styrene is best for outdoor use. It’s weather-resistant and has a smooth, elegant finish.

Dive-in for Deep Discounts

At 48HourPrint, we’re committed to give you the best of both worlds – cheap online printing and top of the line, high-quality materials. For the former, Gary and his crew of friendly print geeks are always giving away discounts of up to 65% on orders.

Keep your eyes peeled the different specials and discounts on the Deals page. Sign up for the newsletter to get updated on even more discounts!

Cheap Posters. Unparalleled Quality. Incredible Impact.

We’re at a loss for words on how big the savings are for our cheap posters. Advertising using posters is one of the most effective marketing strategies your brand can do. It’s an affordable way of communicating your message to your audience. Whether you want to promote a new addition to your menu, introduce a new company, or invite guests to an open-mic, posters are perfect in getting the message across.

Why Choose

Cheap and Long-Lasting Printing

We offer affordable yet quality options to suit any budget.

Gary’s Awesome Deals!

Save as much as 30% off on our poster printing services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the most popular poster sizes?

A: Here are some of our most popular poster sizes:

  • 11" x 17" is the go-to size for most poster requests. Perfectly sized for bulletin board announcements and menu specials.
  • 18" x 24" is the sweet spot in the middle. Use to advertise new products and promotions, or for informative announcements.
  • 24" x 36" posters are suitable for outdoor venues. It is best suited for large areas such as in concerts, trade shows, and conventions.

Need a size not on our dropdown menu? Let us know in our custom quote order page.

Q: Can my cheap posters be displayed outside?

A: Not all. White PVC board and 20 mil. styrene are ideal for outdoor advertising. Our other poster materials are made out of paper and cardstock, which are better suited for indoor use.

Q: Can I save even more by bulk printing posters?

A: Yes, printing in bulk gives you even greater savings. The more you print, the larger the savings become.

Q: How soon can I receive my custom posters?

A: You can get the estimated delivery date right on the product page. Just click ‘Estimate Delivery Date & Shipping Cost’ and enter your ZIP code. It’ll generate estimate dates with different shipping options for you to choose from.

Q: Can I design my custom posters online?

A: Yes, you can. We offer a free online design tool, Create48, to assist you for your artwork needs. Hundreds of templates are free to use. Make the design your own by customizing fonts, color palettes, and images (including your logo).