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Bumper Stickers

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  • Stick on glass, wood, or metal
  • Split liner back – just peel and apply
White Vinyl Sticker
High Gloss UV
Full Color Front, Blank Back
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Promo Price $52.40

Bumper Stickers That Go the Distance

Promote anywhere you go with custom bumper stickers from Whether it’s your business logo, company slogan, or political candidate, bumper stickers let you reach thousands of people wherever you go.

Enhance your campaigns with customized bumper stickers. If you’re looking for cost-effective ways to advertise, car bumper stickers offer more impressions. Compared to billboards and radio advertising, these are by far the most affordable to produce and deploy.

Stickers make great handouts, too. Encourage brand loyalty and rally your supporters by giving away free bumper stickers. You’ll get free advertising when a customer decides to stick your promotions on their car, laptops, and other belongings.

Our full-color bumper stickers are printed in different sizes, ranging from the smaller 3” x 2” size, to the standard 11.5” x 3”, all the way to the wider 15” x 3.75”. All our custom bumper stickers are printed with a UV coating and a split-back liner for easy peeling and application. You can apply them to virtually any surface and expect these durable stickers will last long; they can withstand harsh weather conditions, so they’re the ultimate outdoor and road-friendly stickers.

Order in bulk quantities of 25 up to 5,000 pieces at and you’ll get more affordable prices on top of Gary’s deals and discounts. You can be confident that you are getting outstanding quality and value with our bumper sticker printing services.

Hit the Road With Bumper Sticker Sizes

Bumper stickers are quite versatile as promotional signs and campaign logos you can stick anywhere. Still, their sizes play an important role for their effective outdoor promotions. Whether you plan to stick these on your car or hand them out as free promotional flyers, you’ll need to size up each sticker to see which design fits which size. We have over twenty (20) sizes you can choose from that suit different designs, usage, and messages.

Small Stickers
Smaller sticker sizes like 3” x 3” are better suited for the rear window. At that level, people can appreciate your designs better. This size also works best for business and organization logos.

Standard Size
Stickers with a width of 10” and below are great for branding. The stickers are wide enough to accommodate a logo and the company name. Size 10” x 3” is widely used for political campaigns and punchy slogans.

Wide Stickers
Stickers wider than 10” are perfect for a long block of text. This makes it ideal for sending longer messages. Include your business log, a few words about your services, and your contact number.

Get More Mileage With Durable Sticker Materials

Bumper stickers are made to last years down the road. We’ve run them through rigorous testing here at and have found them to be the best bumper stickers available today.

White Vinyl Stickers – Bump up your sticker game with glossy white vinyl. Its shiny coating enhances design detail and boosts color saturation. Aside from its weatherproof properties, vinyl sticks to any smooth surface so you can be sure your promotions stay intact.

Ready to make bumper stickers? Upload your design on the website or check out our bumper sticker templates for layout guidelines that will help keep your print job on schedule.

If you need help, our friendly print geeks at are available to answer your questions at 800-844-0599 or through live chat.

How to Apply Bumper Stickers?

  1. 1. Clean the surface where you’ll apply the bumper sticker. Wash the area with soapy water, then rinse, before drying it with a clean towel.
  2. 2. Mark the area to make sure the sticker is level. Try using ruled masking tape if you are placing the sticker on a car.
  3. 3. Peel a small portion of the protective backing off your sticker, then apply that side onto the right surface.
  4. 4. Slowly remove the rest of the backing while simultaneously applying the whole sticker onto the surface. Use a dry towel to even out the pressure onto the sticker so that it sticks properly and remove any air bubbles.
  5. 5. Wipe the surface with a microfiber towel and remove the markings. Done!

Bumper Sticker Care Tips

  • - When washing your car, try hand-washing the area where the bumper sticker is. Avoid using chemicals or heavy car wash soap. Immediately dry the sticker using a clean microfiber cloth after rinsing.
  • - Try applying protection on the bumper sticker. You can get Teflon-based polish designed specifically for car stickers so that the colors won’t fade.
  • - Avoid exposing your car (sticker) to heat and rain for extended periods. Try covering the label using a cloth or shelter the vehicle in the shade or under a roof.
  • - Check the ingredients of your car wax before applying them over the sticker. Some car wax contents could fade the sticker’s design and color.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I make my own bumper sticker design?
A: Yes! You can use our free layout templates to help design your original bumper stickers. These universal templates can be used in a wide variety of software applications. They also indicate our bleed, trim, and safety specifications.

Q: Is it safe to put bumper stickers on my car?
A: Yup! Bumper stickers earned the name since they are intended for car bumpers. Displaying them on your vehicle is fine so long as adhere to U.S. regulations on car decals. Here’s a simple guide on how you can apply the stickers on your car.

Q: What is the most popular bumper sticker of all time?
A: Some of the most common car bumper sticker designs are the Parental Advisory stickers. These car stickers are often used as signs to fellow drivers to practice safe driving near them since they have Child Passengers or Babies On Board their vehicles.

Q: How do I make my own bumper stickers?
A: It’s easy! Here’s how you can customize and order bumper stickers on our website:
1. Use the order calculator to choose your sticker size, material, quantity, and preferred printing turnaround time. The calculator will automatically provide the total price of your order.
2. Click Upload Your Artwork and choose your preferred proofing option.
3. Click Add to Cart and follow the rest of the checkout process.

Q: Can I get a sample proof of my stickers before I buy?
A: Can I get a sample proof of my stickers before I buy? We can send you a free digital proof of stickers. Proofing allows you to see how your design will look like after it has printed, so you spot any errors or revisions to make. If our print geeks encounter any problems with your design, they will contact you and help solve the issue. This service is free of charge and offered during the checkout process.

Q: What happens if my design has errors?
A: Don’t worry if you see mistakes on the proof. You can send your updated print with notes to our team so the changes can be applied. Likewise, our print geeks will also contact you when they encounter any problems with your design and help solve the issue. This service is free of charge and offered during the checkout process.

Q: What is shrink wrapping and should I shrink-wrap my bumper stickers?
A: Shrink wrapping is the process of heating polymer plastic film to wrap tightly around your stickers. It helps protect your stickers from rubbing against each other during shipping and makes it easier for you to count them in bundles. You can add shrink wrapping to your stickers using the order calculator.

Q: Do you offer free sticker templates?
A: Yes, you can download our free sticker templates found on this page’s Layout Templates Tab. These are universal templates that can be used in a wide variety of software applications. They indicate our bleed, trim, and safety specifications.

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: