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Square Business Cards

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  • Create a unique & long-lasting impression
  • Pick from 5 heavy-duty cover stocks
  • Compact size is easy to carry anywhere
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Square Business Cards: Think Outside the Box

Create a unique experience when sharing your information with square business cards. You can customize it with your company information on one side, and logo or photograph on the other side. Not only that, the unique square shape makes them perfect for square, rounded, and – if you tip them to the side – diamond logos. Now that’s pretty neat.

A Stock for Every Situation

Choosing the best stock for your square business card isn’t that hard to do with this helpful guide:

17 pt. Cardstock

17 pt. Cardstock

  • Slightly thicker than the 16 pt. cardstock
  • More ink-absorbent so colors appear more muted
  • Smooth, writable surface on both sides
  • Natural texture & increased thickness add an upscale feel
16 pt. Cardstock

16 pt. Cardstock

  • Slightly thicker than the 14 pt. cardstock
  • Great quality, and durable
  • Added thickness prevents folds and creases
  • Scratch and scuff-resistant surface
  • Choose gloss coating for a reflective shine or matte coating for an elegant effect
14 pt. Cardstock

14 pt. Cardstock

  • Most popular cardstock option for business cards
  • Substantial for double-sided printing
  • Flexible & ideal for high-volume events & multiple handouts
  • Options for uncoated, gloss, high gloss UV, & matte coating

Stick to Your Size

  • 2" x 2" – Don’t underestimate this mini. This fits perfectly in your wallet or pocket. Use this if you have minimal design or text on your business card.

  • 2.5" x 2.5" – Compact yet substantial. Small enough to be easily handled, but offers enough space so you can put more information in.

  • 3" x 3" – This business card size can still fit in your pocket or wallet but is larger to accommodate more text and artwork.

  • 3.5" x 3.5" – This is the largest size we offer so you can explore more designs and applications. For example, your printed business card can also work as a small invitation or flyer.

Scratching the Surface

Square business cards come in various coatings that protect your stock’s surface from damage while also adding design interest:

  • Matte. It protects the stock’s surface from scuffs, smudges, and fingerprints while helping every print color shine.

  • Gloss. Thicker and heftier than the standard, this stock also has a more premium look. Hand these out for your luxury market or at VIP events.

  • High Gloss UV. This features a higher reflective shine that adds vibrancy to your card’s design. This badass can withstand damage from the elements such as sunlight or moisture.

Make It Work. Make It Really Work.

Make sure your square business card will work hard for you with these simple tips:

  • Keep it short & sweet. Since space is limited, makes sure you only put the essentials on your business card. Here’s a sample of how you can lay out your important information:


  • Cater to your crowd. Create business card designs and content that will appeal to your target market.

  • Build your brand. A holistic design will best represent your brand, identity, and what item you are promoting.

  • Get out of the box. Take a new approach to your design by adding spot UV accents or picking rounded corners instead of the expected square ones.

Learn how to use square business card printing effectively by reading our business card marketing tips. Download our business card templates for layout guidelines that will make your printing experience go a lot smoother.

Can’t find the business card size you need? You can request a custom quote here.

Print square business cards today for your most memorable cards yet.


How soon can I get my square business cards order?

You can base your order’s arrival on your “printing turnaround” and shipping time. “Printing turnaround” is the number of days we need to produce your order. This starts once you’ve uploaded your approved artwork online, and does not include weekends, holidays or shipping time.

What is a free file check?

A free file check is an option we offer so you can see your design in a PDF format. This lets you make changes to your design and ensure it is free of errors before we print it.

Square Business Cards Layout Templates

Click the size below to download a ZIP file containing templates for that size in both horizontal and vertical orientation: