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The Downside to using a low quality Postcard Printer

With the proliferation of online printing services, the market has become over run with many a postcard printer offering sub quality products. Cheap postcards, business card printing and other printed materials are everywhere. But what does using a cheap postcard printer with inferior products say about you and your business?

You can easily find a postcard printer with "cut rate" prices, but what are the real ramifications of using poorly constructed, cheap pieces from this kind of postcard printer? In this article we will discuss how working with an inferior postcard printer can actually damage your reputation and corporate image.

1 - If You Don't Say It, No One Else Will

Speaking about what your company sells, how you do it, how pleased your customers are with your business and services is great. But who will speak for you in your absence? Printed promotional and advertising materials represent your public face, and relate directly to who you are, and to a greater extent, who you are trying to sell to. If you use shoddy materials from an inferior postcard printer , you risk making the wrong impression. Potential clients are less likely to read your message, if it is thrown together by a postcard printer. If you have one chance to make a good impression, why not use quality printed materials from a reputable company like

2 - Perception Is Reality

Let's assume for a moment that very few people know about your company. You have built a small, but loyal customer base through hard work and great service, and these customers often tell their friends about your firm and how great you are. Now let's say one of these "friends" comes across some of your promotional materials from a second rate postcard printer. Do you think their perception might change from positive to negative? Now, think about the potential customer holding and reading a quality printed piece, as opposed to a cheap postcard?

3 - Price + Fast Turnaround + High Quality = The Difference

With two printing plants featuring latest in printing technology, is able to provide the finest quality printed materials, all at a very reasonable prices. Products that may cost another postcard printer $500+ dollars are routinely available for under $100 and turnaround times are better than ever. While you can save a few bucks going with flimsy, cheap postcards, you are much better off with quality products from a postcard printer like All of our Postcard Printing is full color both sides on 14 point cover stock with your choice of Gloss, U.V. , C1S (coating on one side) or Matte coating and a wide array of sizes.

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