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Free Design Templates for Political Posters

Get your custom posters right in time for the start of the campaign season. Our free templates can be easily personalized to suit your candidate’s brand. You can add a logo, change the colors, insert a slogan, and more!

Proudly Express Your Support With Political Posters

Custom posters are among the most cost-effective print products that you can incorporate to any promotional strategy — whether it’s a product launch, an upcoming event, or the elections. Unlike postcards and flyers that need to be distributed individually, posters can reach many people in an instant. They are also easier to display since they won’t take up as much space compared to banners — just make sure you secure a permit!

The possibilities are also endless when it comes to designing a poster. You can use the candidate’s photo and a simple call-to-action, or you can go all the way and add the key points of their campaign as well. Can’t choose among your designs? Print them in small batches to see which design is the crowd favorite! Here at, you can save more if you order more.

We offer different materials for our custom posters since some prefer to hang them indoors while others would rather display them outdoors. If you intend to use them outdoors, have your posters printed on any of these materials:

  • 80# Text or 80 lb. Paper
  • 100# Text or 100 lb. Paper
  • 80# Cover Stock
  • 14 pt. Cover Stock

Both cover stocks can be displayed outdoors with high gloss UV coating. If you are looking for a more durable alternative, we also have styrene and PVC board posters.

Frequently Asked Questions About Political Posters