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Our Step-by-Step Guide to Designing Custom Banners

Step 1: Create your own account at

If you have an existing account, do log in first before shopping! This way, we can easily save your artwork in case you want to work on it later.

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 2: Pick your preferred banner from our Banners page

We offer a wide range of banners – from the usual vinyl, fabric, mesh, all the way to fancier options such as step-and-repeat banners and custom backdrops. Take note of our promo codes too for more discounts!

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 3: Fill out the order calculator

Select product specs such as size, quantity, and print turnaround time. Some banners also come with optional accessories, so feel free to add those when needed. Take note that the print turnaround time only covers processing your order! To check the estimate shipping dates and rates, click “Estimate Delivery Date & Shipping Cost” at the bottom of the order calculator.

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 4: Click “Design Online” to get started

If you don’t have a draft to begin with, click “Design Online” to access our design tool, Create48.

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 5: Pick an orientation

Choose between horizontal (landscape) and vertical (portrait).

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 6: Double-check the printed side you are working on

If you chose double-sided printing, you could specify which side to work on.

Step 7: Start designing

There’s so much you can do with our online tool. It’s packed with features so even users with no design background can easily create print-ready artworks. Here are just some of the things you can do:
  • Change the background color
  • Choose from any of our multiple fonts
  • Add text
  • Add custom shapes
  • Upload images from your own computer
  • Use photos from our stock image library

How to use the banner design templates?

Step 8: Preview and save your design

Click “Preview” to check your progress. Once you’re satisfied with your work, click “Proceed to Order” to go to checkout.

How to use the banner design templates?

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Banner Design Tool

I can’t finish my design right now. Can I go back and work on it later?

Yes. If you’re already signed in on your account, just click “Save” to save your design draft under your profile.

Can I request for a design proof before we proceed with printing?

Yes, you can. There’s an option to request for a complimentary proof before checkout.

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